A suspect in the David Ortiz shooting case will get a hearing Monday morning in the Dominican Republic to review the one-year detention he is currently serving for his alleged involvement in the crime, according to government officials there.

The Public Ministry, the Dominican department which is overseeing the Ortiz case, is in opposition to granting Eddy Vladimir Féliz García, also known as “El Nata,” his liberty during the hearing, which is scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday, according to a statement posted online by the attorney general’s office Sunday.

Féliz García allegedly drove the gunman, Rolfi Ferreras Cruz, to the Dial Bar and Lounge the night of the June 9 shooting in Santo Domingo. Féliz García, who was beaten by the crowd, was arrested that same night.


Public Ministry officials opposed releasing Féliz García, saying there is enough evidence linking him to the case and warning that he is considered a flight risk.

In the statement, Dominican Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez reaffirmed his promise to seek justice in the case that has roiled both the country and the world.

“We will not stop in the search for justice in the face of any action that threatens the life and integrity of citizens,” he said, noting that in a case of this “complex nature,” authorities “are carrying out a thorough and exhaustive investigation.”

More than a dozen suspects have been arrested in the cast. One fugitive whom authorities identified as Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, also known as “The Surgeon,” remains at large.

Authorities announced on June 19 that Ortiz was not the intended target of the hit. The actual target, according to authorities, was Sixto David Fernández, a friend of Ortiz who was at the bar the night of the shooting.


People across the Caribbean nation have been skeptical, however, noting that the larger and darker-skinned Ortiz does not look like Fernandez.

Officials have defended the investigation and its conclusions multiple times, including the attorney general, who said before it was based on “irrefutable” evidence.

“The information indicates with scientific certainty and with technological evidence that David Ortiz was injured in error,” read the public ministry’s statement released Sunday.

Ortiz was released from Massachusetts General Hospital in late July, almost seven weeks after he suffered the life-threatening gunshot wound in his back, requiring three surgeries.