LYNN — A 34-year-old man died and three people and a dog were injured after they were all shot at a playground Saturday evening, according to the Essex District Attorney’s office.

Police Lieutenant Michael Kmiec said that just after 7 p.m. Saturday, officers arrived at Warren Street Playground following a report of multiple shots fired.

“We had a 34-year-old man who was shot — he was transported to Salem Hospital. He has since been pronounced [dead], so we do have one fatality.” Kmiec said during a press conference at the scene Saturday night.

He said two women aged 18 and 20 also had been shot but sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to Boston hospitals.


Late Saturday night Carrie Kimball, spokeswoman for the district attorney, said in a statement that a 49-year-old man had also been shot. She later said he had non-life threatening injuries.

The weapon used “was definitely a handgun, as far as any caliber, anything like that, we don’t have any information right now,” Kmiec said.

He said police had made “no arrests at this point.”

An annual block party in progress across the street continued despite the shootings so close by, but some of the people there were shaken.

“A bunch of kids were in the park — they were sitting on a bench in the park, then someone started shooting. It sounded like firecrackers,” said Randy Agui, the block party’s DJ.

Agui said he heard six shots.

“It sounded like firecrackers, it was pop, pop, pop, pop, pop — all the kids started running,” he said.

A basketball tournament was also going on at the playground, Kmiec said.

“There was a basketball game that was finishing up,” he said. “They had reports of over 100 people watching the game.”

The game, he said, was “a tournament that they’ve been holding for years down here.”


Fred Hogan, Ward 6 city councilor, was canvassing nearby when he heard the shots and saw a large crowd of people running from the court.

“We walked up to the scene on Warren Street, and we were going to go into the park, and 10 to 15 bullet shots came flying,” Hogan said.

“We all ran to safety, and then there were two people still left on the court. There was one final shot, and we just ran, and when it was all done, everyone ran away,” he said. “We ran out there, and there was a kid on the ground. I just checked his pulse to see if he was all right — it wasn’t good — so I just stayed on the scene.”

Map: Location of shooting

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