Missing Burmese python found and returned to its Newton owner

A 6- to 8-foot Burmese python that went missing from a backyard in Newton Tuesday has been found, police said.

The snake, whose name is Lightning, slithered away at about 5 p.m. Tuesday as its owner was swimming in the pool with his 8-year-old son.

Jack Galvin told the Globe last week that the snake was lounging in the grass while he was in the pool when the snake slithered away.

“He was on the grass, hanging out,” Galvin said, “and then he just slithered away, beneath a fence.”

At some point, Galvin’s sister and children came by the home on Jewett Street, in Newton Corner.


Galvin said he looked away from the snake for just a few moments. When he turned back around, he said, the python was nowhere in sight.

Lightning’s four-day adventure came to an end Saturday, police said.

They did not offer any other information about where the snake was found or where it was found, adding only that Lightning is “back home with his family!”

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