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Bird sightings

Recent bird sightings as reported to the Massachusetts Audubon Society:

The third ever sighting of a Bermuda petrel was recorded in Massachusetts. A brown booby, a white-faced storm-petrel, a Sabine’s gull, a south polar skua, and several black-capped petrels were also spotted. The most interesting rarities last week were a Wilson’s plover that showed up at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island and a sedge wren at Manomet Center for Conservation Science in Plymouth. Black skimmers continue to be unusually conspicuous last week. In addition to a Plum Island flock, there were small flocks at Plymouth Beach, Crane Beach in Essex, and Demarest Lloyd State Park in Dartmouth.


► Manomet Center for Conservation Science in Plymouth: Unusual sightings included a yellow-billed cuckoo, a white-eyed vireo, a sedge wren, a gray-cheeked thrush, and a yellow-breasted chat. Observers spotted several warblers: Tennessee, Cape May, and Connecticut.

► Plum Island: Last week, observers reported 12 long-billed dowitchers, 20 black skimmers, and eight Northern pintails. There were two Northern shovelers, a Caspian tern, a gull-billed tern, a white-eyed vireo, and a dickcissel. A Wilson’s plover, a Baird’s sandpiper, and a buff-breasted sandpiper were also spotted.

► Miscellaneous: Other notable sightings last week included a lark sparrow at Broad Meadows Marsh in Quincy and a golden-winged warbler at Niles Pond in Gloucester. A single Connecticut warbler was spotted at Dunback Meadow in Lexington and Squantum, while five were seen in Westborough.

For more information about bird sightings or to report bird sightings, call Mass. Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to www.mass audubon.org.