Moose euthanized in Worcester after being struck twice by cars

A moose was euthanized in Worcester Tuesday morning after it was struck by two cars, breaking a leg, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife said.

Worcester police were called about a bull moose that was hit by a car both Monday morning and Monday night, Marion Larson, a spokeswoman for MassWildlife, said in a statement. MassWildlife officials and the Massachusetts Environmental Police responded to Leesville Pond at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday when police saw the moose.

“Worcester police observed the moose had a broken hind leg and having great difficulty walking before it entered the water. Staff on the ground, a MassWildlife boat and several other boats borrowed from Island Pond residents were deployed to prevent the moose from approaching Route I-290 and to maneuver the animal into a suitable darting opportunity,” Larson said.


The moose likely sustained a broken leg when it was hit by the cars, MassWildlife said. The 3.5-year-old moose would not have survived its injuries.

“Rehabbing a tame, domestic animal that size from such an injury is not always successful. With a much larger, wild animal it’s just about impossible as it needs to stay still and not put weight on its leg,” Larson said.

Another moose in Worcester had a happier ending Monday after it was caught running through a cemetery, Larson said. The moose was tranquilized and freed at a state park.

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