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Arroyo, Mejia win support from former Boston City Council opponents

Ricardo Arroyo and Julia Mejia.
Ricardo Arroyo and Julia Mejia.Handout (left)/Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff (right)

The City Council race for the District 5 seat that stretches from Mattapan to Hyde Park is down to two. But Ricardo Arroyo, the early front-runner, is now claiming five of his vanquished former opponents are behind him.

Arroyo plans a canvass kickoff in Mattapan Square on Saturday morning with five of the six people who failed to advance after the Sept. 24 municipal preliminary election: Jean-Claude Sanon, Alkia Powell, Cecily Graham, Justin Murad, and Yves Mary Jean.

Arroyo, who won 29 percent of the vote in the preliminary, is now claiming their support as he moves on to the Nov. 5 general election against Maria Esdale Farrell, who won 23 percent of the ballots cast.


“Throughout the campaign, I have gotten to know each of these candidates and, like me, they ran because they want the best for Hyde Park, Mattapan and Roslindale,” Arroyo said in a statement. “I am honored to have their support. Together we will bring the bold, progressive leadership that the residents of District 5 want and deserve.”

Arroyo isn’t the only candidate to claim the support of his former opponents. Political newcomer Julia Mejia, who placed fifth in the race for one of the council’s four at-large seats, said she has won the support of four of her former opponents who failed to move on to the Nov. 5 general election. The top eight candidates from the preliminary move on to the final at-large election.

Mejia said she won the support “of my fellow candidates of color that are so deeply rooted in fighting for our community.” They are: Priscilla Flint-Banks, Domingos DaRosa, Michel Denis, and William King.

“From economic justice to public safety issues and the opioid crisis, these leaders bring the issues that our communities face front and center in this race,” Mejia said. “I am committed to continuing their conversations and this is a perfect example of what I mean when I say ‘all means all.’ ”


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