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Everything we know about Jennifer Lawrence’s Rhode Island wedding

Jennifer Lawrence.AFP/Getty Images

Actress Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with New York art dealer Cooke Maroney on Saturday, her publicist confirmed to the Associated Press this weekend.

Lawrence’s publicist confirmed that the wedding took place, but did not provide additional details. It had previously been reported that the couple were set to exchange vows in Rhode Island.

Still, outlets were quick to find out more specifics on the event, from the rehearsal dinner to the star-studded guest list.

Here’s a look at what has been reported about Lawrence’s nuptials.

The wedding took place at the Belcourt of Newport

TMZ reported on Thursday that the venue was somewhere in Rhode Island, but a local website,, said that the exact location was the Belcourt Castle in Newport, citing sources.


The sources apparently turned out to be right, and a crowd was seen gathering outside to watch the guests arrive, according to photos published by the Newport Daily News.

The Belcourt of Newport.

The lavish, Bellevue Avenue property has a storied history and recently underwent a major renovation.

Owner Carolyn Rafaelian, founder and CEO of Rhode Island-based jewelry brand Alex and Ani, reopened the mansion for regularly scheduled public tours earlier this year after spending approximately $15 million on renovations. The Richard Morris Hunt-designed property, inspired by Louis XIII’s hunting lodge at Versailles, had been closed to the public since 2012, when Rafaelian bought it from previous owner Harle Tinney.

Today, with the renovation about 80 percent complete, Belcourt is arguably as awe-inspiring as the other mansion museums that line Newport’s Bellevue Avenue. It’s also unique. For instance, it was originally conceived as a bachelor pad – and there’s no kitchen.

The French Gothic ballroom on the second floor of Belcourt in Newport.

Belcourt was open for guided tours throughout summer and early fall, and hosted a filming of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” in March. It is not currently available for the general public to rent as a wedding venue.


Lawrence and Maroney flew from New York on a private jet

The pair were seen getting off a private jet in Rhode Island on Friday ahead of the weekend’s events, according to pictures published by TMZ.

Lawrence could be seen in a dark brown midi skirt, a beige turtleneck sweater, and a white trench coat, and carried a large purse. Maroney looked comfortable in sneakers, navy blue slacks, and a sweater.

“No obvious signs her bridal gown was on board,” the TMZ article said. “It’s likely it was sent ahead of the couple.”

Friday’s rehearsal dinner was a clambake

According to People, Friday’s rehearsal dinner was a clambake prepared for 140 guests on Rose Island — a venue that required guests to take a boat.

There also appeared to be a tent set up on Rose Island Friday afternoon, according to a photo published by the Newport Daily News.

Guests included Emma Stone, Adele, and Kris Jenner

Even the rehearsal dinner was star-studded: Adele could be seen walking in, with married couple Joel Madden and Nicole Richie behind her, according to pictures published by TMZ and People. Cameron Diaz, who is married to Madden’s twin brother Benji, could also be seen.

Kris Jenner was also seen arriving on Rose Island in a separate photo. Entertainment Tonight reported that several celebrities “departed on boats from the marina at Gurney’s Newport to attend the rehearsal dinner on the private Rose Island,” citing a source. Entertainment Tonight also reported that many of the guests were staying at Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina, which is a short walk from another high-profile Newport wedding venue: the Belle Mer.


Meanwhile, Emma Stone was photographed arriving at the wedding on Saturday, wearing a long silver dress, a matching overcoat, strappy high-heeled sandals, and dangly earrings, according to photos published on Entertainment Tonight. Jenner was seen arriving with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, and wore a long black dress with a silver detailed top.

Bradley Cooper, who has starred alongside Lawrence in several movies, was also said to have been a guest at the wedding.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in 2015.Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images/Getty Images

Sienna Miller was also spotted Saturday in a long red off-the-shoulder dress with puffy sleeves, according to photos published in the Daily Mail.

Ashley Olsen was also photographed in a long dark dress with a poofy top, and David O. Russell, who directed “Joy” (and apparently got into fights with Lawrence on set in Massachusetts), was spotted arriving as well. (Russell also directed other films Lawrence starred in, including “American Hustle” and “Silver Linings Playbook” — for which Lawrence won an Oscar.)

Amy Schumer, for her part, had reportedly earlier posted an Instagram photo poking fun at how her outfit would look next to Lawrence’s, publishing a scene from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” of actress Tilda Swinton standing next to a dwarf. Schumer accompanied the post with the caption, “Chris and I had the best time #balmain.” The post was later deleted.


The bride wore a sparkly Dior dress

The Daily Mail posted photos of the bride and groom leaving the venue at 5:30 a.m. In the photos, Lawrence can be seen wearing a long, sparkly white dress that covered her shoulders and the tops of her arms, with a what appeared to be a higher neckline. Her hair was swept up into a loose updo.

The atmosphere was fun, elegant, and private

According to the Daily Mail, privacy was taken very seriously. In addition to security outside the venue, black curtains were taped to windows, and fake hedges and privacy screens were put up to discourage anyone from peering in. Still, that didn’t stop the atmosphere from being fun: The Daily Mail reported that songs like “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston, and “Don’t You Want Me Baby” by the Human League played during the reception. (The couple apparently also hired a band called The Ruckus to perform, according to the Daily Mail.)

The Daily Mail also published photos of the table settings at the reception, which included simple white chairs and neutral table cloths accompanied by pops of pink and green flora and crystal-clear wine goblets.

Earlier in the day, Maroney and Lawrence were spotted at the venue in dressed-down clothes, likely checking on things before the event kicked off.


Pictures in the Daily Mail also showed staffers in period dress and an “assortment of antique farmhouse knickknacks,” which might have hinted that the couple were having a rustic theme.

TMZ had reported on Thursday that the menu was set to include hors d’oeuvres like sweet potato flat cakes, brussels sprouts with cured egg yolk, smoked pork belly with pickled apple, and salt cod beignets.

The main courses were expected to be a choice between wood-roasted fish with herbs and lemon-infused butter and a five-week-aged leg of beef with forager’s sauce, according to TMZ, and desserts include bread pudding with chocolate, salted caramel, and fresh apples; cauldron fritters with bourbon cream and cinnamon sugar; and housemade marshmallow s’mores.

According to the Daily Mail, specialty cocktails included bourbon old-fashioneds and gin cucumber lavender champagne.

A Mass.-based food truck doled out snacks until nearly 4 a.m.

Boston’s Baddest Burger & Sandwich Co. food truck, which is based out of Norwood, served late night grub to hungry guests at the wedding late into the night, the company’s owner told the Globe on Sunday.

The food truck contracted days before through a third-party booking company, said Kevin Tortorella, 62, a Foxborough resident who started Boston’s Baddest in 2011.

He said he did not see the bride — but he did serve about 135 guests as part of the after-wedding party.

He said the orders he received dictated that he was to serve about 150 guests between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., but noted that guests didn’t start coming out of the mansion until about 12:30 a.m.

“We stayed until 10 minutes to 4,” he said. “Hey, you do what you gotta do.”

He also said that at that time of night, “a lot of guests were leaving, and all the limos were pulling up out back.”

“I was kind of getting the feeling they wanted food,” he said. “A lot of them wanted to be outside and get a breath of fresh air, which makes sense, since they had been partying all day.”

Tortorella, who served guests at the event with one of his employees, said he had no idea it was Lawrence’s wedding until he arrived.

“I actually didn’t know until I got on the property,” he said, adding that his was the only food truck there. “I found out when I got there, and there were paparazzi everywhere. I was thinking, ‘There’s more to this than meets the eye.’”

The menu was pre-dictated by the client, he said, and included the “Hub” burger, the “Chicky” chicken sandwich, the “Baddest” veggie burger, and the “Bad Dog” hot dog.

“This was what the folks wanted,” he said, adding, “they wanted it to be expeditious at that time of night.”

He also noted that one customer, a “tremendously fit” man who “looked like Hercules,” ordered a burger and left — but then reappeared 15 minutes later, saying that he had his limo driver turn around so that he could go back and get another one.

“He said it was the best burger he ever had in his life,” Tortorella said, adding that he did not know who the man was. “Now that was a compliment.”

When asked if he recognized any of the guests at the star-studded event, he acknowledged that “honestly, there was probably lots and lots of them,” but noted that he doesn’t pay much attention to celebrities and thus didn’t recognize anyone.

Lawrence had previously spoken about her decision to marry Maroney

Lawrence — who has previously dated Darren Aronofsky, Nicholas Hoult, and Chris Martin — said on a podcast in June that Maroney is “the greatest human being I’ve ever met — he really is.”

“He’s just — the one. I know that sounds really stupid, but he’s the greatest person I’ve ever met. I feel very honored to become a Maroney,” Lawrence said on “Naked with Catt Sadler.”

Lawrence acknowledged that she planned to change her name legally but wasn’t going to touch her stage name: “I’m not going to ask everyone to do a 180 11 years in,” she said.

She also said that when she met Maroney, she wasn’t necessarily ready to get married.

“I just met Cooke and I wanted to marry him,” she said during the podcast interview. “We wanted to marry each other, we wanted to commit fully. He’s my best friend. I want to legally bind him to me forever, and fortunately, the paperwork exists for such a thing. It’s the greatest. You find your favorite person on the planet and you’re like, ‘You can’t leave.’ ”

When asked about the planning process, Lawrence said she wasn’t nervous about her wedding day and noted that she has been “in a good place.”

“I haven’t been neurotic about it. I’m like, too lazy to be neurotic. I saw a dress I liked, and I was like, ‘That’s the dress.’ I saw a venue, and I was like, ‘Cool, we got the venue.’ ”

Lawrence didn’t disclose anything else about the venue but did note that she had cried earlier because she didn’t realize she wanted a bachelorette party — and when she decided she did and then went to plan one, no one was available, leading her to break down in tears.

She also partnered with Amazon to publish her wedding registry wants last month, and was quoted on the page as saying, “I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share a few of my favorite registry wish-list items.”

The registry ranged from expensive items — like a $449 iRobot mop and a $249 weighted blanket — to fairly stereotypical wedding wares, such as a Le Creuset dutch oven, a Black and Decker food processor, Riedel martini and wine glasses, and marble cheese and serving boards. (The “registry” was more of a marketing tool for Amazon; customers couldn’t actually buy the items and send them to Lawrence like a normal registry.)

Globe correspondent Jenna Pelletier contributed to this report.