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FRAMINGHAM — On the morning of Sept. 22, police went to Jamia Ammons-Maddrey’s home and arrested her boyfriend, Christopher Arthur McKoy, for domestic assault and battery; he was released on personal recognizance.

On Monday, police were again dispatched to Ammons-Maddrey’s apartment on Interfaith Terrace. This time, the officers found her dead.

On Thursday, McKoy, 25, was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and murder. A not-guilty plea was entered for him, and he was held without bail pending further evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital. His next court date is slated for Nov. 13.

McKoy and Ammons-Maddrey had been dating for about seven months, according to police reports filed in court.


Ammons-Maddrey’s family and friends packed the courtroom for McKoy’s murder arraignment. More than one let out an audible gasp when McKoy was brought into court.

When the defense attorney suggested McKoy undergo a competency evaluation, one woman yelled, “He’s already been evaluated!”

Another woman held up a photograph of Ammons-Maddrey during the proceedings. Tears flowed down the cheeks of a woman seated behind her.

Jamia Ammons-Maddrey’s family and friends packed the courtroom for McKoy’s murder arraignment. More than one let out an audible gasp when McKoy was brought into court.
Jamia Ammons-Maddrey’s family and friends packed the courtroom for McKoy’s murder arraignment. More than one let out an audible gasp when McKoy was brought into court.Art Illman/MetroWest Daily News/Pool/Pool

McKoy, dressed in a light blue collared shirt, didn’t show any emotion during the arraignment. He stared straight ahead. At the end of the arraignment, as McKoy was being led out, one man yelled to McKoy, “Kill yourself!”

After the arraignment, the victim’s mother, Rosemary Maddrey, walked away from the courthouse, surrounded by family and friends.

“He doesn’t deserve any second chances,” she said.

Ammons-Maddrey’s aunt, Lillie Maddrey, said outside the courtroom that her 27-year-old niece was a responsible adult who loved helping people.

“Jamia didn’t deserve this,” she said. “She was beautiful, young, vibrant, helped people, was going to school to become an EMT, [and] had her life in order.”

Court records show that weeks before the murder, Framingham police had arrested McKoy for allegedly assaulting Ammons-Maddrey in her apartment.


“[Jamia] stated . . . that they argued for a bit and she was getting tired of it,” said a police report on the Sept. 22 incident. “[Jamia] states that she went to the bathroom and locked herself in there in order to avoid the continuous argument. [Jamia] states that Chris continued to argue and he forced his way into the bathroom and she tried to walk out of the bathroom and Chris grabbed her by her arm to stop her from walking away.”

Ammons-Maddrey told police that “she tried pulling away from his grip and when she broke away she walked into her bedroom and she states Chris grabbed her again and she grabbed a bottle and threw it at him. [Jamia] states the bottle hit Chris and he then pushed her away.”

Ammons-Maddrey declined to seek a restraining order, according to the report.

The following day, McKoy was arraigned on a charge of assault and battery on a household or family member in Framingham District Court, where a not-guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Judge Jennifer A. Stark released him on personal recognizance.

At the time of that arraignment, McKoy had a pending gun case in Dorchester in which he’d been ordered to wear a GPS bracelet, records show.

He was also ordered to remain on home confinement during the weekends and stick with an outpatient treatment plan devised for him at Bridgewater State Hospital, where he’d been sent for an earlier competency evaluation following the gun arrest, legal filings show.


Framingham police returned to Ammons-Maddrey’s apartment for a well-being check around 4:51 p.m. Monday and found her body on the floor of her bedroom.

“She had numerous cutting injuries, including one just above her left breast with her hand resting near that wound,” a police report filed in the murder case said.

A friend of Ammons-Maddrey told police Ammons-Maddrey had indicated Saturday that McKoy contacted her that morning and confessed to stealing $2,000 from his employer.

McKoy “was paranoid that someone would be looking for him,” the report said. “McKoy asked Ammons-Maddrey to pick him up, and she agreed. McKoy wanted to go to Framingham, as he needed to hide out.”

According to the police report, GPS records put McKoy at Ammons-Maddrey’s apartment until 2:26 a.m. Sunday, about 15 minutes after Ammons-Maddrey last used her phone. He later removed his GPS bracelet in Holliston.

He arrived at his mother’s Boston apartment that afternoon and “placed the clothing he was wearing in a white plastic bag marked ‘Recycling,’ ” the report said.

Detectives searched the trash chute at his mother’s residence and “found the white plastic bag marked ‘Recycling,’ ” the report said. “Inside, they found a pair of moccasins, and jeans. The jeans had red-brown stains consistent with blood.”

McKoy left court Thursday.
McKoy left court Thursday.Art Illman/MetroWest Daily News/Pool/Pool

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