It was a gorgeous day on Saturday. The sun angle continues to lower, but shine through the ever-present coloration of the landscape. There are still days that feel like a warmer season. The beauty of this time of the year really does sparkle.

Sunday is an opposite kind of day. There won’t be any sun as clouds dominate, and an area of rain will overspread the region, soaking anyone who plans to be outside.

The rain is a result of a storm system coming out of Pennsylvania and crossing right over New England. The heaviest rain will be roughly from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m., with most areas seeing three-quarters of an inch to an inch of rain. This will soak the leaves, which are continually falling on the ground. Gutters may temporarily overflow, and some catch basins may clog, making for large puddles on streets.


Those of you headed to the Patriots game should wear as much waterproof clothing as possible to stay dry. Winds will be gusty, but sometimes the protection of the stadium seating doesn’t translate to as much wind down on the field.

Rainfall could exceed an inch of water in several places on Sunday.
Rainfall could exceed an inch of water in several places on Sunday.NOAA

This weather system does move away tomorrow, but there’s a hangover effect of clouds and a little bit of a drizzle. Even into Tuesday clouds tend to dominate.

This week’s tides are astronomically high, so any onshore flow could cause some minor coastal flooding at the time of high tide. I’s a good thing we don’t have a strong nor’easter, otherwise there would be more significant flooding.

The best day of the work week seems to be Wednesday, when sunshine should break through the clouds and there isn’t a risk of rain.

Temperatures will be seasonable.

A new storm approaches for Thursday, with another round of rain. The exact track of this system will determine just how much precipitation we see. It is Halloween with kids going out trick-or-treating. The timing of the arrival of the showers will obviously be critical. The sun is predicted to set at 5:39 p.m., but it will look darker earlier because of the clouds.


This may be a mild weather system, as temperatures are expected to be above 60 during the showers on Friday. This late week area of low pressure will depart at night and should set us up for a bright but chilly first weekend of November. Temperatures likely remain in the 50s all day, which would be typical for the time of year.

Fun fact: Boston still has not gone below 40 degrees, which that means there hasn’t been any frost. The lack of sub-40 degree air this year will set a new record. The long range still keeps the core of any cold air into the center part of the country, a pattern that has continually re-established itself the entire year.

The core of any cold air will fall across the center of the country in early November.
The core of any cold air will fall across the center of the country in early November.NOAA

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