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Once the weather went downhill Sunday, it really has not improved much. The clouds continued Tuesday and are going to be with us into Friday. Add in more rain, and you have the makings for a lot of wet leaves and difficult yard work.

Temperatures have been relatively cool the past couple of days, staying in the 50s. The second part of the workweek will feature warmer conditions and a little more humidity. That’s right — dew points are actually going to get high enough that we can talk about humidity in the air.

On Wednesday, temperatures will reach into the 60s and there will be a better chance of showers as the afternoon progresses. I’m not forecasting a washout, but it will be damp all day.


Thursday into Friday morning will have a sticky feeling, but with the lack of sunshine, you’re not going to want to head to the beach.

Clouds remained locked in Tuesday afternoon. COD Weather

Let’s talk about Thursday, which is Halloween. There are going to be waves of shower activity moving from the south toward the north throughout the day and into the evening. Temperatures will be mild, so we’re not going to have to contend with any cool air. If you or your kids are wearing costumes, you won’t need to cover them up to stay warm, but you may need to grab an umbrella to stay dry.

I think there will be a few hours Thursday when it’s not raining very hard; the showers may not necessarily cease, but they will at least let up.

Half an inch to nearly 2 inches of rain will accumulate east to west across southern New England later Wednesday into early Friday. COD Weather

Something else to watch on Halloween will be the wind. Just a few thousand feet off the ground, winds are going to be flying from the south at more than 50 miles per hour. Some of this wind may mix down to the surface — not that strong, but gusty enough that you will definitely notice it. There could there be a few power outages. It will be 63 to 68 degrees during this time — quite mild.


Winds will be gusty Thursday afternoon into Friday.
Winds will be gusty Thursday afternoon into Friday.WeatherBell

A cold front approaching from the west early Friday brings showers. That could make for a wet morning commute, followed by clearing in the middle of the morning. This all leaves us with a sunny afternoon, which will translate into a sunny but cool weekend.

Skies will rapidly clear Friday morning after a few early showers.
Skies will rapidly clear Friday morning after a few early showers.COD Weather

Remember, this is the final week of daylight saving time until March. The sun begins setting before 5 p.m. Sunday and continues to set that early until we close out January.

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