Sheriff’s office gives more details on slayings of N.H. couple in Texas

Adam Williams, 33, is charged with felony theft in connection with the murder of a New Hampshire couple last month.
Adam Williams, 33, is charged with felony theft in connection with the murder of a New Hampshire couple last month.Kleberg County Sheriff’s office

Law enforcement officials in Texas gave more details Thursday about the case of a man charged with felony theft in connection with a criminal case involving the slaying of a New Hampshire couple found buried at a South Texas beach last month.

Adam Curtis Williams, 33, of Logan, Utah, was booked Wednesday morning and charged with assaulting a peace officer or judge, and theft of between $30,000 and $150,000, according to the Kleberg County Sheriff’s office’s website.

The Globe had reported last night that Williams was in custody.

Chief Deputy Jaime Garza said the assault charge was not brought by the sheriff’s office.


Michelle Butler, 46, and James Butler, 48, of Rumney, N.H., were found buried in a shallow grave on Oct. 27 and 28 on South Padre Island in Texas, the sheriff’s office said.

The Butlers’ deaths were ruled homicides last week. Williams is considered a person of interest in their murders, Garza said.

Williams was captured in a photo driving the Butlers’ truck into Mexico on Oct. 21, Kleberg District Attorney John Hubert told reporters during a press conference Tuesday.

Amanda Noverr was identified as the passenger in the truck. Noverr is being questioned by Mexican authorities, Garza said Thursday, but he is unsure whether she has been charged.

Hubert said during the press conference Thursday that Williams has not been charged with the murders and said his bond is set at $1 million.

“Our main concern right now is gathering evidence as to whether or not a person has committed a crime,” he said. “I’m confident that we need to keep our mind open as to all possibilities and keep searching for facts.”

The Butlers were traveling the country with their RV and truck and had set up their vehicles along the beach at South Padre Island on Oct. 15, the sheriff’s office said. Relatives reported the Butlers missing after the couple were last heard from Oct. 16, and their truck and RV were also reported missing.


On Oct. 27, “the partial remains of a person were seen in a shallow grave. Wildlife, it appears, dug out part of the shallow grave, which exposed the body,” Kleberg County Sheriff Lieutenant David Mendoza told reporters Monday. “We discovered first the female body and then the male body.”

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