Another floating ice disk emerges in Maine

Ice disk spotted in Maine
Chris Gooley captured an ice disk spinning in Haynesville, Maine. (Video courtesy of Chris Gooley)

Chris Gooley was driving to work Thursday morning when he saw a group of people taking pictures of something in what is normally a fairly desolate part of his drive through Northeastern Maine.

He pulled over on a Route 2 bridge in Haynesville and saw what had the group so mesmerized — a circular sheet of ice floating on the Mattawamkeag River.

“It was pretty cool,” Gooley, of Corinth, Maine, said. “It’s unique, it doesn’t happen very often.”

In January, another one of these “ice disks” captivated the public when it was captured slowly swirling down the middle of the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine, less than 10 miles outside of Portland.


Last year’s disk was treated as a tourist attraction, with some people even trying to make their way onto the large floating circle of ice. But Gooley thinks that is unlikely to happen this time because Haynesville is more than 200 miles to the north of Westbrook.

“We had one last year in Southern Maine that got a lot of attention . . . but I don’t think people will be trekking up here to see this one,” Gooley said.

When news outlets started to tweet about the new ice disk, fans of the phenomenon shared their excitement.

“I’m asking my rep to introduce legislation to put an ice disk on the state flag,” Gillian Burnes said in a tweet.

The City of Westbrook responded to a tweet of Gooley’s video with three exclamation marks and joked that, “Meanwhile, in @CityofWestbrook, the seagulls hold their annual Ice Disk Summit.”

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