Kerry A. Gilpin steps down as the top commander of the Massachusetts State Police on Friday and has applied for her six-figure state pension, which she has indicated she will split with her wife, who is also a State Police trooper.

In records filed with the state Retirement Board, Gilpin noted that she has worked for the department for the past 25 years and nearly six months and that her last day of work is Nov. 15 — this Friday. Her first day of work was logged as May 31, 1994.

State retirees have three options when they put in their papers: a pension with no survivor benefits, a lump sum payment to a beneficiary in the “event of an early death,” and finally, a joint survivor allowance, which offers reduced payments but also covers a surviving spouse.


Gilpin chose the joint survivor allowance for her wife, Christina Albano, who is also a State Police trooper. Albano has not submitted her retirement papers, according to the state Retirement Board.

In recent years, Gilpin also juggled a side gig as a real estate agent, making tens of thousands of dollars selling properties with Albano, state records show.

It’s unclear whether Gilpin is still is in real estate. She reported receiving no outside income in her latest financial disclosure with the state.

According to records, Gilpin’s real estate salesperson license expired in 2018. Albano’s license is currently active.

Gilpin made $241,845 last year. Under State Police policy, personnel with at least 25 years of service collect 75 percent of their most recent salary. That would be about $180,000 annually for Gilpin, the Globe has calculated.

However, state officials have not yet calculated what Gilpin’s pension will total, and they also note that the dollar amount will be reduced by up to 15 percent because she chose the joint survivor allowance.


The pension for Gilpin’s predecessor, Richard McKeon, is $170,167 annually, according to the state comptroller’s office.

Matt Rocheleau of the Globe staff contributed to this report. John R. Ellement can be reached at ellement@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @JREbosglobe.