3 climb to safety after pickup truck plunges into Lawrence canal during snowstorm

Lawrence firefighters passed a ladder to three people who got stuck in a canal in Lawrence after their pickup truck plunged into the water Sunday night during the snow storm, Lawrence police said.

A Ford F-150 drove into the North Canal at Canal and Franklin streets off the Merrimack River around 9:30 p.m., said Lawrence Police Detective Thomas Cuddy.

“Upon arrival, the four occupants of the car were already out of the car and the driver was already on shore. The three others were on the embankment and needed assistance,” Cuddy said. “I’m assuming, because of the snowy conditions, that they didn’t climb up the embankment themselves. Firefighters just passed a ladder to them and they climbed up.”


The four people were taken to Lawrence General Hospital to be evaluated for exposure to the cold weather, police said.

Police are investigating the cause of the incident, Cuddy said.

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