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Malfunctioning heating system causes carbon monoxide incident at Hanover house

Hanover firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide incident Monday morning, firefighters said.Hanover Fire Department

A malfunctioning heating system caused a carbon monoxide incident at a house in Hanover Monday morning, Hanover firefighters said.

The residents of a single-family home at 55 Clark Circle called firefighters at 5:03 a.m. to report an unknown odor, said Hanover Fire Deputy Chief Jason Cavallaro.

“At first there was a question about an electric stove from the residents, so firefighters checked the electric stove, and there was no issue. When they investigated a little further, the CO meters that we carry started going off, and they found that the heating system had malfunctioned, causing high levels of carbon monoxide. They got levels higher than 300 parts per million,” Cavallaro said.


Firefighters said the residents were showing flu-like symptoms, which is a typical reaction to carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hanover EMS evaluated the residents at the scene.

“We shut the heating system off so it’s no longer creating any carbon monoxide, and we ventilate the house. We use electric fans to move fresh air throughout the house and get the carbon monoxide out. Once the level of carbon monoxide has dropped, then they can reoccupy [the house],” Cavallaro said.

The home did not have carbon monoxide detectors, firefighters said.

Cavallaro said firefighters will investigate any home with carbon monoxide levels over nine parts per million.

“We would just stress that everyone has working carbon monoxide detectors in their home,” Cavallaro said.

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