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Globe Santa

Mother gains strength from ill child’s tenacity

Globe Santa greeted Ilona and Colin Conley at the tree lighting in Medford Square.
Globe Santa greeted Ilona and Colin Conley at the tree lighting in Medford Square.Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

The parent of a child suffering from an illness often finds a source of strength in the youngster’s determination and resilience.

So it is for the mother from a town south of Boston who wrote to Globe Santa about the physical hardship her 5-year-old daughter endures.

“This year was a rough one. She got a serious corneal infection that could potentially blind her left eye and now has to wear glasses,” the mother wrote.

“Between the several appointments and steroid drops she’s been such a little trooper and she deserves to have a reason to smile big this Christmas.”

And the mother has been facing financial setbacks this year as well.


“I myself was unable to find a job after my unemployment ended last year so I can’t give her as much as I think she deserves,” she wrote.

“This is why I’m hoping Globe Santa can help. I know there are children everywhere that need this kind of assistance so anything no matter the size will be a blessing.”

Globe Santa will make sure that the little girl has presents under the tree Christmas morning just as he does for thousands of deserving children every year.

He will also find presents for two other little girls – ages 2 and 3 – whose mother told Globe Santa she is a breast cancer patient and needs help with Christmas.

“About six months ago I was diagnosed and currently my condition and treatment do not allow me to work as I would like,” the mother wrote in Spanish. “My family from Puerto Rico is helping me with the expenses of rent and transportation, but I wish my girls had a beautiful memory of this special time.”

She concluded, “Blessings.”

Then there is the grandmother with chronic kidney disease who has been helping her daughter raise her children for the past two years.


“I am on disability and do not have any other income,” she told Globe Santa in her letter.

“Being able to give the children something extra at Christmas time would be a huge relief and blessing for both myself and their mother who has fallen on hard times,” the grandmother wrote.

Globe Santa will be there for each child. But to make it happen, he needs help from thousands of donors. Please consider contributing to the cause either by mail, phone, or online at globesanta.org.

Tom Coakley can be reached at thomas.coakley@globe.com