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A cloud of smoke, cheeseburgers and fries lead to Springfield man’s arrest

Massachusetts State Police

When a state trooper spotted a pick-up truck swerving across a street in Springfield Friday, he probably didn’t think his night would involve McDonald’s cheeseburgers and heroin.

The trooper pulled the black Ford F-150 over on East Columbus Avenue around 1 a.m. As the driver, Ivan Marrero rolled down his window, a cloud of marijuana smoke billowed out, State Police said in a statement.

As he spoke with the trooper, Marrero ate two McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fistfuls of fries as a blunt burned in a cup-holder, State Police said.

The trooper suspected the behavior was “ . . . a possible attempt by Marrero to conceal any smells that may have been on his breath previously,” the statement said.


Marrero got out of the truck and the trooper administered field sobriety tests.

After the tests were finished, the trooper determined that Marrero had been driving under the influence of marijuana and placed him under arrest, the statement said.

A search of the vehicle turned up a loaded handgun, for which Marrero did not have a license, the statement said. Troopers also discovered discovered several plastic bags of crack cocaine, weighing approximately 13 grams total, and nine bundles of wax paper containing heroin, according to the statement.

Marrero, who has prior gun and drug convictions, was arrested on 10 charges, including operating under the influence of drugs.

A clerk set bail at $20,000. Because he was unable to post it, Marrero was transferred to the Hampden County House of Correction.

He was due to be arraigned Friday in Springfield District Court.

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