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Retiring BU dean Tom Fiedler reveals his next act: Working on Cory Booker’s campaign

While he says he intends to be a “full-time volunteer” for the campaign, Fiedler’s exact role hasn’t been determined.

Someone broke into his house. But the burglars didn’t take anything ... they just cleaned every room from top to bottom

A Marlborough resident came home from work and was surprised to find his house had been thoroughly cleaned. But by whom?

Students learn to speak Latin, ‘the un-dead language’

Immersive Latin offers to make a historically elite subject more equitable.

Somerville bank robbery suspect arrested in Providence; DNA evidence helps crack case

An official confirmed the arrest of Daniel Rosado, who was caught in Providence early Thursday morning by the FBI.

Dighton selectmen vote to euthanize dogs that mauled boy to death

Ryan Hazel, 14, died May 9 while he was taking care of several dogs while their owner, Scott Dunmore, was not home.

MFA apologizes after students from Dorchester school subjected to racism during field trip

The Museum of Fine Arts apologized Wednesday after students of color from a Dorchester charter school were subject to racism during a field trip last week.

Two Needham middle school students subjected to racism

Two middle school students in Needham were subjected to a racist taunt earlier this week, according to two school officials.

Body of missing man found in Berlin, N.H.

The body of Tyler Supry, 27, who was last seen on May 9, was found on a trail Tuesday, officials said.

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He bought the fencing coach’s house. Then his son got into Harvard

The Needham house was assessed at $549,300, but sold for nearly a million dollars. The buyer, who never lived a day there, would sell it 17 months later at a substantial loss in what may become the next chapter in the national debate over fairness in college admissions.

You can’t own more than 3 pot shops, but these companies test the limits — and brag about it

No firm is allowed to own or control more than three recreational marijuana stores. But two companies — Sea Hunter and Acreage — are testing the limits.

Drugs took their children, but not their hope that others might be saved

The experiences of three young adults who fatally overdosed, as told by their parents, contain lessons for addressing the opioid crisis.

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