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State eyes plan to improve diversity among teachers

Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley will propose allowing some would-be teachers to become certified based on experience, rather than tests.

Schools are collecting new data in new ways about students with cutting-edge high-tech

In Weston, a private school is experimenting with headbands that read brain activity. In Cambridge, young children wear slippers with sensors that track their movement. The goal is to better understand how students learn, although there are concerns about privacy.

Weston man charged with defrauding high schools, international students

Keenam “Kason” Park’s company, which recently closed and officially went by the name K&B Education Group, partnered with private school in ten states, including Massachusetts, for nearly a decade, helping them to recruit students from foreign countries, particularly China.

The state has a big new school funding law. Here’s what it means

Governor Charlie Baker on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping school funding bill that will eventually funnel an additional $1.5 billion of extra money to local districts.

City on a Hill Charter School to close New Bedford campus and lay off staff at its Roxbury sites

A massive drop in student enrollment at City on a Hill Charter School’s campuses in Roxbury and New Bedford is prompting officials to enact mid-year budget cuts and to close its New Bedford campus at the end of the school year.

Boston public schools lose ground on national exam

The results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress — popularly known as the Nation’s Report Card and is mandated by Congress — come as the state is conducting its first comprehensive review of the school system in a decade, a move that could result in mandates for changes from state Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley.

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he Globe has launched a two-year initiative to explore the deep inequalities in our public education system, examining both the challenges and possible solutions to creating equal opportunity for all students.

The Great Divide will build on the findings of the Globe's Valedictorians Project in January, which revealed that even the best students in Boston public schools often struggle after high school. An editor and a team of four investigative reporters will examine public education in the region, with humanity and empathy, and with a goal of provoking public discussion and exploring what might be done to fix core issues of inequality, social mobility and economic opportunity.

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