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After uproar, Cohasset Conservation Trust buys land for $547,000

Cohasset Conservation Trust
An aerial view of James Island in Cohasset.

The Cohasset Conservation Trust has bought five acres of James Island and plans to keep the property undeveloped — ending a four-year neighborhood tussle over the scenic peninsula that sticks into exclusive Inner Little Harbor.

The Trust bought the property for $547,000 from John and Jane Steinmetz, whose plan to build a 7,800 square-foot house on the land raised intense opposition from other homeowners. The Steinmetzes, who bought James Island for $1.2 million in 2014, will retain a two-acre buildable lot on the part of the peninsula closest to the mainland.

“Everyone worked very hard to accomplish this great result, which has created peace and happiness where there was once controversy, while — and even more importantly — at the same time providing everlasting benefit to the Town,” John Steinmetz said in an email. “We should all thank the CCT for their dedication.”


Jeff Waal, director of the private Trust, said the plan is “to maintain the property as conservation land for its wildlife habitat values and for its scenic natural views from Jerusalem Road, Atlantic Avenue and Nichols Road.”

He said that “with donations from 16 neighboring families, the Steinmetz family and the private Cohasset Land Foundation, the CCT was able to purchase this important property. Conservation of these five acres, which is nearly 75 percent of James Island, will permanently protect one of Cohasset’s last remaining tracts of undeveloped coastal forest from development.”

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