Grant will fund new firefighter safety gear

The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded the Georgetown, Groveland, and Newbury fire departments a $629,254 regional grant to help purchase new lifesaving devices that will replace their aging equipment.

The new equipment will include 101 self-contained breathing apparatus units — the oxygen tanks firefighters carry on their backs at fire scenes — as well as 101 self-contained breathing apparatus masks, and 202 air tank cylinders.

The three departments will also each receive one “Pak-Tracker,” which connects self-contained breathing apparatus to GPS systems in order to pinpoint firefighters’ exact locations while inside a building.

The grant was jointly announced by Georgetown Chief Fred A. Mitchell Jr., Groveland Interim Chief Richard York, and Newbury Chief Douglas Janvrin.


To receive the funding, the towns committed to paying 10 percent of the overall $692,179 cost of the equipment. The three communities will split the $62,925 local share.

“Obtaining this grant is part of a regional effort between our departments to work closer to increase safety for all three communities,” Mitchell said in a statement. “This award enables us to better protect firefighters responding to an incident and the residents we serve every day.”

The FEMA funding came through the agency’s e Assistance to Firefighters Grant program.

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