Mixed-use development approved in Bedford

The Bedford Planning Board recently gave a green light to a developer to construct a mixed-use commercial development.

Jumbo Capital was granted a special permit to develop 300,000 square feet in two buildings within the 51-acre office park the company owns at the intersection of Crosby Drive and the Middlesex Turnpike, according to Anthony Fields, the town’s planning director.

The two buildings would be on either side of an existing 231,000-square-foot building that Jumbo leases to Oracle. The special permit would also allow Jumbo to add such amenities to the office park as a fitness center, a restaurant, retail, and a child care facility.


Fields said Jumbo has not yet outlined its specific development plans since it is still marketing the space and wants to be able to plan the project to meet the needs of future tenants. But he said the town expects the primary uses in the two buildings to be offices, with the possibility also of research and development and laboratory space.

Fields said the town is supportive of the development effort, noting that the project would provide for a unified campus encompassing the site of the Oracle building and the two vacant lots. He also said the site “has been zoned industrial for a long time and this is where we want to promote economic development.”

Jumbo earlier this year bought a nearby business park on Crosby Drive, where the main tenant is an iRobot research and development company. Between that park and the 51-acre Jumbo site is an office park owned by National Development.

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