Residents can give views on Weymouth-Braintree dog park

The public is invited to weigh in on whether dogs should run free — in a fenced-in portion of Pond Meadow Park — at a hearing before the Weymouth Town Council on Monday, Dec. 17.

The proposed dog park site is located in Braintree, but within the Weymouth-Braintree Regional Recreation Conservation District, and therefore needs approval from both the Weymouth Town Council and the Pond Meadow Board of Commissioners.

The Braintree Town Council unanimously approved the plan early in November, and Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan has been working closely with the private Braintree Dog Park Association to create the park.

In a letter to the council, Sullivan said dog parks are community assets, and cited research showing that the parks “allow for greater socialization of dogs, which promotes good behavior in the home and public.”


Sullivan said the more than $300,000 needed for the 1.5-acre dog park would come primarily from grants.

The town of Braintree would own the park and the Braintree Dog Park Association would maintain it, Sullivan said.

The public hearing is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in Weymouth Town Hall.

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