Study aims to improve public transit in Lynn

The state Department of Transportation is preparing to launch a study into ways to improve public transportation in Lynn.

The agency recently issued a request for proposals for a firm to undertake the Lynn Transit Action Plan Study, which will focus on enhancing the quality, capacity, and reliability of transportation services in the city.

Expected to begin next year, the study will include looking at opportunities to create and improve bike and pedestrian access to transit locations, possible ferry services, and existing public transportation routes, according to the state agency.

The MBTA’s own Focus40 draft plan, a long-term investment plan to position the T to meet the needs of the Greater Boston region in 2040, identifies Lynn as a “Priority Place” within the existing transit network, which means the city would benefit from and can support a higher quality of transit service.


According to DOT officials, Lynn has a number of transportation issues and challenges. One is the high degree of dependency on public transit among its residents, reflected in the fact that 32 to 44 percent of bus riders live in a household without a personal vehicle.

Additionally, the MBTA, through data gathered in August and September, found that nearly all regular bus routes serving the city operated below reliability targets, none of the MBTA’s High Frequency Key Bus Routes serve Lynn, and data has shown a need for more off-peak service.

While Lynn has commuter rail service on the Newburyport/Rockport line, officials noted that its pricing may present a financial burden for many commuters.

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