Danvers recognized as a ‘Bioready’ town

The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council gave Danvers a bronze BioReady rating for initiatives it has taken to become a welcoming community for life sciences businesses, according to David Fields, the town’s director of planning and community development.

A nonprofit that provides services and support for the industry, MassBio has developed its BioReady ratings ”to help biotechnology companies find the most favorable destinations in the state and to enable the state and its cities and towns to effectively tell their stories to the biotechnology industry,” the organization said on its website. Municipalities can seek a rating by submitting details on their zoning practices and infrastructure capacity.


MassBio has four levels of ratings for BioReady communities — bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. To earn a bronze rating, communities must have municipal water and sewer available in commercial and industrial areas; zoning that allows for biotech laboratory and manufacturing uses by special permit; and an identified point of contact to assist with biotech projects.

Danvers is one of 21 communities with the bronze rating and 84 overall to have been designated BioReady.

Fields said that the designation will enhance the opportunities for existing biotech businesses in Danvers and those seeking to locate in the town to participate in state-sponsored programs and incentives such as cooperative research grants, loans, job creation, investment tax credits, and life sciences research tax credits.

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