Volunteers counted 10,984 river herring migrating up Herring Brook this spring – the most ever recorded at that spot, according to the group that organized the count.

The North and South Rivers Watershed Association said the run at Herring Brook began with the first sighting April 1, peaked on April 14 — when 465 fish were counted in 10 minutes — and ended May 6.

The substantial numbers allowed the association to estimate the total population of herring in the brook at 480,000, making it one of the largest herring runs on the South Shore, according to a press release.

The association monitors herring numbers to help find ways to increase the population of the fish, which are a food source for striped bass, bluefish, osprey, herons, and other coastal species.


Altogether 69 volunteers spent more than 160 hours counting herring at five locations in Hanover, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, and Scituate. The total count was 11,231 herring, about the same as last year, the press release said.

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