Every day, police officers respond to reports of all sorts of events and nonevents, most of which never make the news. Here is a sampling of lesser-known — but no less noteworthy — incidents from police log books (a.k.a. blotters) in our suburbs.


Chowing down after three days on the lam.
Chowing down after three days on the lam.Foxborough Police Department

On Aug. 9, Foxborough police posted a photo of a piglet that had been on the run for three days after escaping from a petting zoo at Patriot Place. “This little piggy went to market. . . . and all over Patriot Place,” police wrote on Facebook. “Now he’s going weee weee wee all the way home!” Police wrote that Foxborough Animal Control “was summoned to assist with the apprehension, but the pig was determined to go exploring all over the Gillette Stadium property and was unable to be retrieved.” The piglet was finally caught that evening when it was spotted by security in one of the parking areas, according to Foxborough Animal Control Officer Kaycee Bailey. She used food to lure the piglet (who turned out to be female) into a pet carrier. Once in custody, the fugitive was “a little hot, a little thirsty, but otherwise OK,” Bailey said. Police reported the good news on Facebook and said the owners were on the way to pick up the piglet.



At 4:54 a.m. July 25, Bridgewater police received a call from a man who said he found his vehicle vandalized with what appeared to be flour and eggs. Police tweeted that the man “suspects his wife caused the damage overnight.”


At 9:10 a.m. July 25, Peabody police received a report of “a large iguana lurking in the bushes” by Peabody District Court. The animal control officer secured the reptile, which turned out to be a bearded dragon, according to the police log entry. The pet lizard was reunited with its owner.



Loyal readers of this column may recall how two men allegedly used a sticky substance and a boot lace to fish mail out of a mailbox in Hingham earlier this year. Well, a similar scenario recently played out in Marlborough. Sergeant Zachary Attaway said in the early morning hours of Aug. 1, an officer on Boston Post Road noticed that a Range Rover had backed into a parking spot at a convenience store that was closed. The vehicle stayed there for several minutes, and the officer, thinking that someone might be trying to break into the store, called for backup. The Range Rover drove off before backup arrived, and the officer followed the vehicle and pulled it over. The driver, who did not have a license, was placed under arrest. Inside the car, police found mail that had not been postmarked, along with some twine and glue traps that are typically used to catch rodents. Apparently the suspects had used the twine to lower the glue traps into three mailboxes and pull out pieces of mail, according to Attaway. The two men, who were aged 24 and 25 and hailed from New York City, were arrested and charged with breaking and entering into a depository; receiving stolen property worth more than $1,200; conspiracy to commit a crime; and possession of burglarious tools. The driver was also charged with driving without a license.


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