Medway elementary school upgrades safety with new grant

Medway is carrying out a safety upgrade at its McGovern Elementary School as a result of a recent $60,000 grant from the state’s Executive Office of Public Safety.

The project involves replacing the door knobs and associated hardware of all the classroom doors with levered handles that can be locked from the inside, according to Don Aicardi, the school district’s director of finance and operations.

Officials said installation of the new handles will eliminate the need for teachers to step out into the hallway to lock their doors, which needlessly puts themselves and students at risk during emergency situations.

The new handles will also be more accommodating to people with disabilities. Officials said improving internal door security is one part of controlling access to school classrooms and facilities. Visitors already must enter through the main office at all district schools.


The funding was awarded through the Local Equipment and Technology grant program, which is designed to help schools address critical infrastructure equipment and technology needs that relate to school building safety.

“This grant is part of our continued commitment to stay aware of and address any needed improvements to the infrastructure, technology, and equipment that affects the security of our schools,” School Superintendent Armand Pires said in a statement. “It is always our goal for our buildings’ security measures to exceed expectations. The safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance.”

Work on the project is expected to be undertaken in late fall.

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