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Concord Academy has approved a comprehensive plan to make its campus operations and facilities more environmentally sustainable, including through a fund to pay for green initiatives.

The plan, created with student input and approved by the academy’s board, is in the early stages of implementation. Officials at Concord Academy, a 395-student private institution on Main Street, said the academy has become one of the first independent schools in the Greater Boston area to adopt a holistic campus sustainability plan.

The initiative began with the school’s 2017 hiring of GreenerU, a Waltham consultant firm, to establish a process for developing a sustainability plan. Three working groups that included students, faculty, staff, and alumni then spent more than a year evaluating approaches for the plan that would have the greatest impact.


The result of that work, which included proposing targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, food waste, and overall waste, was formalized into the plan.

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