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Shrewsbury firefighters will have enhanced protection from exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals as a result of new state funding.

The Executive Office of Public Safety is providing the Fire Department with $2,500 to purchase 10 hoods and 15 gloves for personal protection during firefighting operations.

The funding comes from a state grant program intended to provide firefighters with more advanced gear that can reduce the amount of cancer-causing chemicals they come into contact with during their work.

The agency also awarded the Shrewsbury department $5,000 to purchase a modern washing machine that can clean contaminants from gear after it has been used in an emergency.


“The purchase of these items represents a significant step forward in our ongoing cancer prevention efforts at the Shrewsbury Fire Department,” Fire Chief James Vuona said in a statement. “Equipping our firefighters with new hoods and gloves and enhancing our ability to wash their gear once it is contaminated is a tremendous benefit to the firefighters, their families, and the collective safety of our community.”

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