Salem to update accessibility plan for people with disabilities

Salem residents have a chance to offer their opinions on how the city is preparing to make its buildings, services, and activities more accessible to people with disabilities.

The city is seeking feedback on a draft update of its Americans With Disabilities Act Transition Plan, a document that evaluates how well the city is complying with the federal law requiring disability access and outlines steps for improvement.

Earlier this year, the Massachusetts Office on Disabilities awarded Salem a $75,000 grant to prepare the update. The city partnered on the effort with a consultant, the Institute for Human Centered Design.

As part of the work, Institute teams surveyed 25 public buildings, 12 parks and other outdoor areas, and both city garages to evaluate their levels of accessibility. The draft plan, which was presented to the community at a Dec. 17 public meeting, is available online at www.salem.com/adaplan. Written comments can be e-mailed to adaplan@salem.com through Jan. 10.


“The road map outlined by the draft plan will help the city in our ongoing work to ensure Salem is accessible and welcoming to all,” Mayor Kimberley L. Driscoll said in a statement. “I invite Salem residents, and especially those living with disabilities or caring for those who do, to share their feedback before Jan. 10.”

John Laidler can be reached at laidler@globe.com.