Area residents have an opportunity to learn more about the state’s plans to install mile-based exit signs on major highways to replace the existing signs.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting on the plan on Thursday, Jan.23, at 6:30 p.m. in the mayor’s reception room at Lowell City Hall.

The session, open to all, is the latest in an ongoing series of public meetings the state is holding to inform residents, business leaders, tourist attraction operators, and other members of the public about the pending changes.

The new signs will be installed on major and limited access highways in Massachusetts, including interstates 90, 93, 95, and 495, and Route 3.


A 2009 federal regulation mandated that all states establish a mile-based exit numbering system. In Massachusetts, the conversion will begin in late summer 2020. Implementation will be on a route-by-route basis, starting in Western Massachusetts and moving eastward.

During a transition period, “Old Exit” signs will be installed at each converted exit for a minimum of two years. All the work will be carried out during off-peak hours, with minimal traffic impact expected.

The Federal Highway Administration is funding 90 percent of the costs of the estimated $2.8 million project,with the remaining 10 percent covered by state highway funds. For more information, go to www.NewMassExits.com.

John Laidler can be reached at laidler@globe.com.