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Want to check road maintenance? Salem has an online tool for that

Salem recently provided residents with a new tool that will allow them to search online for information on the condition and maintenance of roads in the city.

The interactive map, which covers the city’s nearly 100 miles of linear roadway, can be found at www.salem.com/pavingmap. It follows the city’s publication starting in 2016 of annual online maps showing paving work that has been completed that year.

In partnership with the engineering firm BETA, Salem since 2010 has been monitoring and rating the conditions of its roads. The ratings, which go from 0 to 100, help guide the city in its devising and budgeting for its yearly paving plan.


“We’ve historically relied on the pavement management plan to help determine which roads we’ll repave each year and the manner of the repaving work that will be done,” Mayor Kimberley L. Driscoll said in a statement. “By taking this step to now put the data online in an easy-to-use, graphical format, our hope is that residents will gain a greater understanding of the nature of work required to keep up our streets and the magnitude of the investments already made to that end.”

The city, meanwhile, has also been working with BETA since last year to implement a similar system for evaluating and monitoring its 148 linear miles of public sidewalks. To date, about half of all sidewalks and all 692 pedestrian crossing ramps have been inventoried and incorporated into the plan, with the goal of completing the work this year.

John Laidler can be reached at laidler@globe.com.