Norwell selectmen authorized to reduce speed limits

A Special Town Meeting in Norwell voted to allow selectmen to reduce speed limits on town roads — from 30 to 25 miles per hour in thickly settled areas, and down to 20 miles per hour in areas determined to have safety issues.

Residents also overwhelmingly — 166 yes to 12 no votes — approved spending $5.5 million for a new consolidated headquarters for the Highway Department and Trees and Ground Department, and agreed to spend $360,000 to cover engineering and design costs for the renovation of Town Hall.

Officials said they anticipated coming to Town Meeting in May of 2021 with a request for approximately $4.6 million to pay for the actual work on Town Hall.


The Feb. 10 Special Town Meeting also voted to accept payments in lieu of taxes from the nonprofit corporation that developed 18 units of affordable housing at the site of Norwell’s old police station. The group will pay about $20,000 the first year, with the amount increasing 1.5 percent annually for the next 20 years, officials said.

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