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After Maine obstetric nurses announce baby boom, ER nurses up the ante

In this March 23 photo, eight labor and delivery nurses at Maine Medical Center hold up cards with their due dates. The pictured nurses, from left to right, are Erin Grenier, Rachel Stellmach, Brittney Verville, Lonnie Souci, Amanda Spear, Samantha Giglio, Nicole Barnes and Holly Selby. Nicole Goldberg is not pictured.Alicia Wilson/Maine Medical Center via AP/Maine Medical Center via AP

PORTLAND, Maine — The stork will be making even more trips to a Maine hospital.

This week, all except one of the nine pregnant labor and delivery nurses at Maine Medical Center showed off their baby bumps in a photo shared widely on social media. The infants are expected to arrive between April and July.

Not to be outdone, the emergency department announced that 12 nurses will become parents, too.

Nurse Melanie Ann Smithgall posted a photo Wednesday showing nine of 11 pregnant nurses. Two were absent from the photo, along with an expectant father who works as a nurse.


The group of 11’s due dates range from April to October.