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NAACP leaders tour Boston’s majority-Black neighborhoods, talk civic engagement

“Black excellence isn’t just going to a convention downtown in the Seaport — this is Black excellence right here,” Tanisha Sullivan, president of NAACP’s Boston branch, told the group at the Freedom House stop.

NAACP festivities kick off at The Hub, with a block party, career fair, and more

The NAACP opened its national convention in Boston on Friday, marking the long-awaited return of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization to the home of its first chartered branch but a city still striving to overcome a legacy of racism.

Who will be in Boston for the NAACP Convention?

The event brings some celebrity-spotting opportunities this weekend.

Weekend brings free music and entertainment to Seaport during the 114th NAACP National Convention

Friday night parties, The Hub at the convention center, and a Sunday gospel fest are among the activities to explore.

Photos: How Boston grappled with racial tensions the last time the NAACP convention was in town

See old photos and news clippings of Boston as the NAACP’s Boston chapter geared up to host the 1982 national convention amid turbulent times.

Peniel E. Joseph

NAACP must embrace the legacy of ‘abolition democracy’

The onslaught of racial backlash is rooted in an ongoing battle between Reconstructionist supporters of multiracial democracy and Redemptionist supporters of white supremacy and the Lost Cause. The struggle is how to win the narrative war for the nation’s soul.

‘African American students deserve to be celebrated’: Mass. students compete in NAACP’s annual ACT-SO competition

High school students from more than 200 NAACP chapters nationwide will compete in nearly three dozen categories across a range of disciplines for the preeminent civil rights organization’s annual ACT-SO achievement program.


Celebrate Black-owned restaurants in Boston and beyond

Here are more than 100 places to visit for steak frites and smoothies, sambusas and soul food, and so much more.