Latest Headlines in New England


Rhode Island is experiencing an ‘extreme' drought for the first time in decades

About 100 wildfires have burned 77 acres amid conditions so dry that even lawn mowers are sparking fires.


Amid outbreak, Providence College will stick with remote instruction another week

School officials apologized for the college's role in driving up COVID-19 rates in the state.


Progressives press Whitehouse and Reed to try to thwart Supreme Court confirmation

“There is no triple-secret procedural trick that we have had in our back pockets all along and didn’t use on Gorsuch and didn’t use on Kavanaugh,” Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island said. “It just doesn’t exist.”


Thank you notes to Rhode Island’s teachers

I asked Rhode Map readers to share quick stories about educators around the state who have gone above and beyond to deliver for students. And as usual, you guys came through in a big way.

In low-income Olneyville, a free Wi-Fi program could be a game-changer for families

As the lack of reliable internet service moves rapidly from an inconvenience to a threat to one’s livelihood, momentum is growing around the country to offer affordable – or free – Wi-Fi to residents.

In Newton, a bitter clash erupts over renaming Columbus Day

The holiday that celebrates the Italian explorer would be replaced by Indigenous Peoples' Day.


Here comes the charter school expansion in Providence

We should learn next week how many new charter schools want to open in Providence, but one existing organization is already planning for a large expansion: Achievement First.


Providence’s street murals address concrete issues, plus flights of fancy

In Providence, the brick walls of the city provide a broad canvas for a vibrant array of street murals, reminding us of our history while also speaking to the struggles of the day. And some are just plain fun.