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Latest Headlines in New England

Falling object from airplane nearly hits Maine State House

A metal object believed to have fallen from a trans-Atlantic jet came crashing down outside the Maine State House, landing with a loud bang just feet from Capitol Police worker, officials said Monday.


Providence to extend guaranteed income program by 6 months

“What we hope to do with this program is to help people find their way out of that deep poverty that just keeps dragging you down, for a relatively minimal investment,” Mayor Jorge Elorza said Monday.

One person hospitalized, 5 arrested for assault and battery in connection with Winchester fight

Five people were arrested for assault and battery after a fight at Shannon Beach in Winchester Sunday night in which several people were injured, and one person was taken to the hospital, according to State Police.


Providence mayoral candidate Cuervo calls for public housing developer and rent stabilization

Cuervo’s housing proposals also include a mandatory eviction diversion program, to work with tenants to solve problems before the eviction process begins.


A Newport fixture that felt like family: An emotional last day at Bishop’s 4th Street Diner

“You walk in and they call you ‘Honey.’ ... It was a slice of Americana and now it’s gone.” Customers, staff and the owners say the diner’s closing will leave a void in the community.

One brother dead, one missing after group jumped off Martha’s Vineyard bridge

The body of Tavaris Bulgin, 26, of Clarendon, Jamaica, was recovered Monday morning. His brother, Tavaughn Bulgin, 21, remains missing.


Providence is embracing high school e-sports

Central High School in Providence is launching its first e-sports team this fall, where students will compete in video games meant to develop critical thinking skills and cooperation.


Exploring the human factor of marine and coastal ecosystems

University of Rhode Island Professor Emeritus Richard Pollnac recently worked on a study that found Indo-Pacific fisheries and agriculture are facing significant hurdles.