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More New Hampshire Crime Headlines


Calling for federal action to protect vulnerable kids in N.H.

A Concord attorney says the US Department of Justice has the most power to help kids in New Hampshire’s Youth Detention Center. But the US Attorney he reached out to says her hands are tied.

Police search for man who tied up employees of Salem, N.H., loan store and robbed them at gunpoint

A man who wore a Boston Bruins baseball cap, glasses, and a black face mask as he tied up employees of a Salem, N.H., cash loan company during an armed robbery is now being sought by law enforcement in two states, officials said.

Adoptive parents of Harmony Montgomery’s little brother plead with state for new scrutiny of child welfare system

Legislators are considering creation of a commission to review failures in the state's child welfare system.

Boys accused of secretly photographing, making trading cards of girls at Bedford High School in N.H.

School officials in Bedford, N.H., are investigating allegations that some boys secretly photographed girls and made trading cards of the images.


Staffing shortage at N.H. men’s prison worsens with National Guard gone

The problem has long raised safety concerns among some corrections officers, who now say the problem has reached a critical point.


Antisemitic graffiti targets Jewish community member in Laconia, N.H.

Racist and anti-Jewish graffiti targeting a prominent member of Laconia’s Jewish community was found at the abandoned State School on Sunday, during Rosh Hashana

Friends mourn Dale Mooney, longtime fan who died after fight at Patriots game

Friends of the 53-year-old New Hampshire man are remembering him as a longtime fan of the team who was deeply devoted to his wife and two children.

Witness: Man fatally injured at Gillette was punched twice in head by man in Miami Dolphins jersey

Joey Kilmartin said that after Dale Mooney was punched, he fell backward and did not move even when first responders arrived and provided first aid, including the use of a defibrillator.