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More New Hampshire Health Headlines

New forensic hospital to serve those with serious mental illness

New Hampshire Hospital will run the new, 24-bed facility for patients who are civilly committed.


How can art help families dealing with substance use disorder?

Art of Hope, a program offered by the Currier Museum of Art, gives family members an outlet to express themselves and a supportive community.

New campaign aims to publicize mental health and substance use services

The “Strong as Granite” campaign is also designed to help reduce the stigma around asking for help.

There have been more outdoor rescues and fatalities than usual in N.H. this summer

Though several recent outdoor injuries, drownings, and deaths have made the news, the vast majority of New Hampshire rescues are hiking related. The busiest part of the season has only just started.


Tackling ticks: UNH researchers to develop a surveillance system for Northern New England

Tick-borne diseases have risen dramatically in New Hampshire in the past two decades, but there’s a lack of data about where ticks are found, their numbers, and the pathogens they may carry. A tick surveillance system could change that.

How to stay safe while swimming in rivers

Check the strength of the current using online guides, wear a life jacket in the water, and don't jump in right away if you see someone in trouble.


N.H. at a crossroads in fighting substance use disorders

In the next one to two years, some of the state’s funding for substance use disorder services will end, sparking “significant concerns” around how the state will help prevent opioid overdoses.

These Boston hospitals were ranked best in the nation by US News & World Report

For the fifth year running, two hospitals in Boston rank among the nation’s best. Hospitals in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine also made the Best Regional Hospitals list.