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A three-part Globe Spotlight Team series exposes the inequities that follow people to their very last breaths.

It is a deep examination into the uncomfortable topic of death, and confronts Massachusetts' failure to protect its most vulnerable in the early days of a historic pandemic.

Part One: Is death the great equalizer? Quite the contrary. Death exposes in high relief the layers of inequities.

Part Two: A home to die in: Thousands of elders in nursing homes were the most vulnerable to COVID — and the result was calamity.

Part Three: Homey, coveted, costly — and crushed by the pandemic. (Coming soon.)

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In low-income Olneyville, a free Wi-Fi program could be a game-changer for families

As the lack of reliable internet service moves rapidly from an inconvenience to a threat to one’s livelihood, momentum is growing around the country to offer affordable – or free – Wi-Fi to residents.


Here comes the charter school expansion in Providence

We should learn next week how many new charter schools want to open in Providence, but one existing organization is already planning for a large expansion: Achievement First.


Providence’s street murals address concrete issues, plus flights of fancy

In Providence, the brick walls of the city provide a broad canvas for a vibrant array of street murals, reminding us of our history while also speaking to the struggles of the day. And some are just plain fun.

R.I. governor blames students at two colleges for the state’s rise in cases and positivity rate

Governor Gina M. Raimondo said students at Providence College and URI are “hurting people because of selfishness.”


URI orders three Greek Life houses to quarantine as Rhode Island colleges cope with COVID-19 infections

Ten colleges and universities in Rhode Island have some positive cases of coronavirus, according to the state Department of Health.


This new book explores why the town of Johnston voted for Trump in 2016

Across the country, many believed that Democrats had overlooked residents who felt they had been left behind. But that wasn't the whole story.


Seemingly overnight, a college neighborhood has become the epicenter of the coronavirus in Rhode Island

After 165 students from the college tested positive for COVID-19 over the past week, residents of Providence's Elmhurst neighborhood have mixed views on what should happen next.


Political battle over Supreme Court vacancy should have waited, Ginsburg admirers say

The focus should be on Ginsburg’s life and accomplishments, not political maneuvers, federal appeals court Judge Bruce M. Selya says.


Providence College discovers another 41 COVID-19 cases among students, bringing the total to 165 in the past week

School and state health officials are scrambling to contain the outbreak on and around the Providence campus; the cause is still a mystery.


Remember when Ruth Bader Ginsburg skipped Trump’s State of the Union to visit Rhode Island?

Her most timely (and timeless) comments that day involved her fear that the increased polarization around federal judiciary appointees will give the public the impression that the courts are “just another political branch of government.”


R.I. health officials swoop into Providence neighborhood where 124 students now have COVID-19

Providence College issued a stay-at-home order and will shift to full remote learning until at least Sept. 26 as state health officials opened case investigations and ramped up contract tracing to try to contain the outbreak.