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During the coronavirus outbreak, a tale of two Rhode Islands

From the school to the cathedral to the theater, the coronavirus has had a profound impact on the state’s iconic institutions.

Rhode Island officials tell stores to limit shoppers and implement other restrictions

Stores must keep customers 6 feet apart, stop handing out samples, and offer special hours for older shoppers.


These are the 11 R.I. cities and towns with no coronavirus cases (yet)

A lot of Rhode Map readers have asked the same question that reporters have been asking the state Department of Health for a while now: Which communities have confirmed cases of the disease?

Welcome back, Rhode Islanders! Now go home and stay there.

Residents flying home into T.F. Green Airport were greeted not just by family or friends, but also by members of the Rhode Island National Guard, who had some harsh news: Quarantine yourself at home for the next two weeks.

Coronavirus aid package would provide $1.25 billion to R.I., Reed says

US Senator Jack Reed, one of 20 members of a bipartisan group of senators that worked on the emergency rescue package, helped create a state stabilization fund that, if approved, would provide the equivalent of 12 percent of the state’s $10 billion budget.


Senator Reed was ahead of the curve on the coronavirus. He’s still waiting for answers

It's been nearly two months since US Senator Jack Reed and some colleagues sent a letter to the federal health officials asking smart questions about the coronavirus. He's still waiting for answers.

Alex Speier

Pawtucket Red Sox broadcaster Josh Maurer has symptoms consistent with COVID-19

As a 39-year-old without underlying conditions, he’s not in a high-risk demographic, and has not been tested for the virus.

Raimondo announces 18 new cases of coronavirus, calls for borrowing $300M to address cash shortage

Raimondo said her goal is to be up to 600 to 800 coronavirus tests per day by this time next week -- a step that's “vital” before she can “reopen the economy.”

The coronavirus is changing everything in R.I. - even local news

News directors and editors for various media outlets are finding creative ways to balance the safety of their employees while still trying to bring viewers, readers, and listeners the most important news each day.


First day of distance learning in R.I. schools gets mixed reviews

Rhode Map asked a group of parents and school leaders from around the state to offer a few thoughts on day one of distance learning.

What happens if Governor Raimondo gets the coronavirus? There’s a plan for that

As residents are urged to take more precautions against contracting the disease and isolate if they do become infected, Rhode Island’s five statewide officeholders are taking their own steps to ensure that government functions will continue in the event they fall ill in the coming weeks.