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More Rhode Island Education Headlines


AI helped write today’s Rhode Map. How’d it do?

An egregious cliché about the weather and some fanciful nonsense about future-telling coffee showed me that AI still has a long way to go. And yet ...


LaFortune is named the new director of City Year Providence

The former Providence city councilor has a master's from Brown and has worked in higher ed for 17 years. She was mentored by City Year as a youth.


Son of former priest accused of sexually assaulting teenage girl at Westerly, R.I., high school

The former staff member is the first person charged under a new Rhode Island law criminalizing sexual contact between minors and authority figures.


Westerly, R.I., school employee charged with sexual assault of a student

Sean Tormey, 39, was an in-school suspension supervisor and detention monitor at Westerly High School and was “in a position of authority with respect to the victim.”


Why do champagne bubbles stream to the top? This Brown scientist found out.

Research led by Professor Roberto Zenit helps explain not only what gives champagne its distinct line of bubbles, but may hold “important implications for understanding bubbly flows in the field of fluid mechanics” that can be applied to other industrial uses.


With wildlife, the best of intentions can do more harm than good

People are "naturally attracted to these animals and they don’t consider the consequences,” said Dr. Scott Marshall, R.I. state veterinarian. “Leaving it alone actually is giving it the best chance to survive,” said R.I. DEM's Michael Healey.


CCRI gets an interim president tonight

The Council on Postsecondary Education is expected to select Rosemary Costigan, CCRI's current vice president for academic affairs.


Boston Globe Rhode Island earns 37 Rhode Island Press Association awards

The awards include first place finishes in business, education, feature writing, investigative reporting, tourism, and hard news, as well as awards for best website and ongoing coverage of homelessness in Rhode Island.