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A new president for Rhode Island College

The state Council on Postsecondary Education met this morning at RIC to approve the elevation of interim Rhode Island College President Jack Warner, making his post permanent.


Jack Warner is a win for Rhode Island College

The interim president stood out from other candidates for the permanent post because he didn’t sit around for the past two years just hoping to avoid mistakes.


How Rhode Island colleges can address FAFSA’s latest delay

Updates to the federal government’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid have caused problems for students across the country. The president and CEO of Onward We Learn offers a possible solution for new college students.


Pointing to inflation, Brown plans 4.5 percent tuition increase

The university also announced this week it would provide the highest salary pool bump for employees since 2009.


Across Rhode Island, nor’easter’s snow totals could range from a few inches to a foot

R.I. schools will decide locally whether to switch to virtual learning or cancel school. Governor McKee said Monday he aims to have roads cleared in time for Valentine's Day.

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Think college doesn’t pay? The data say otherwise

A recent analysis reveals a continued and growing significant wage premium for bachelor’s degree holders compared to high school graduates.


There aren’t as many quahogs these days. R.I. scientists, legislators, and fishermen are trying to figure out why.

Many factors could be contributing, including nutrient deficiencies, predators, as well as climate change.

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Providence teachers are burned out by the system, not by the students

Students and teachers alike are upset about the decision to close 360 High School. One teacher shares her point of view: “Beyond the shock of this news, I am appalled at the brusqueness with which it was delivered.”