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Rhode Island Food & Dining Headlines


From mafia hideouts to secrets only restaurant owners on Federal Hill know

“These walls all have ears. They have all listened over the years,” one owner said. “If only they could speak of the secrets they hold.”


Mako sharks are off the menu after NOAA fishing ban

Long prized by commercial fisheries and foodies for its taste, and by sport fishermen for its strength and leaping ability, the shortfin mako has faced a steep decline. The unprecedented decision to ban fishing for mako sharks could give the species a chance to recover.


We have the code to get into a secret bar in Providence

High Dive, a Los Angeles-inspired bar, is located in an industrial building on the West End of Providence. Punch in this code to get inside.

Once a ‘MasterChef’ contestant, now a world record holder for biggest chicken nugget

Local viral TikTokers Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis cooked up a plan to earn another Guinness World Record.


Former commercial fisherman starts sea kelp farm as a do-no-harm response to pandemic

Azure Cygler owns Rhody Wild Sea Gardens, a sugar kelp farm in Narragansett Bay


Without massive capital behind them, smaller R.I. food businesses are feeling the pressure from all sides

The turbulent supply chain has sent many commercial kitchens into chaos, where chefs are having to rethink their menus and even reach out to diners for help.


Is the real calamari state Rhode Island ... or California?

A proud Rhode Islander was surprised to hear that Monterey, California, also calls itself the calamari capital. Turns out both coasts have good reason to be proud.


‘You can’t increase prices by 80 percent’: R.I. hospitality and tourism industries still face challenges

On the Rhode Island Report podcast, the leaders of the R.I. Hospitality Association and Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau discuss how inflation, worker shortages, and funding issues are affecting the tourism and hospitality industries.