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Newton to offer household curbside food waste collection

The city of Newton is partnering with a composting service based in Manchester-by-the-Sea to provide curbside collection of food waste, allowing the material to be recycled instead of cast into a landfill.

“Food waste makes up 26 percent of the weight of the trash in Massachusetts, filling landfills and costing us a lot of money in waste disposal fees,” Mayor Ruthanne Fuller said in a statement. “Most important, if we compost our food waste we create dirt that can grow more food.”

Black Earth Compost has been hired by the city to provide weekly curbside collection of food waste — including meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables, Fuller said.


The service will cost residents $60 for six months, plus a $34 start-up fee that pays for a 13-gallon lockable bin to collect food waste, Fuller said.

As more households sign up in Newton, the cost for residents could go down. If 3,000 residents are enrolled, the six-month cost will drop to $50; if 5,000 households sign up, $45; and if 7,500 or more households join, the cost for six months of service will fall to $40.

The move comes as the city faces increasing recycling costs with its vendor, Waste Management, Fuller said. In the coming year, the city will pay an extra $1 million for recycling and trash collection, she said.

“Every bit we can reuse and green instead of throwing out will help the planet and our wallets,” Fuller said.

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