Newton city councilor Greg Schwartz concedes to challenger Alicia Bowman after recount

Ward 6 at-large city council candidates Greg Schwartz, left, and Alicia Bowman.
Ward 6 at-large city council candidates Greg Schwartz, left, and Alicia Bowman.CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

A Newton city councilor who was narrowly defeated in the Nov. 5 municipal election conceded the race early Sunday morning, after a recount Saturday failed to help him win reelection.

Greg Schwartz, an incumbent Ward 6 city councilor-at-large, sought the recount after he came up 30 votes short against challenger Alicia Bowman earlier this month.

Each of Newton’s eight wards has two councilors-at-large who are elected by voters across the city. In the Ward 6 race, Bowman was running for office against two incumbents: Schwartz and his fellow Ward 6 councilor-at-large, Vicki Danberg.

On Nov. 5, Bowman had 6,742 votes, while Schwartz collected 6,712 votes, according to the city. Following Saturday’s recount at the Cabot Elementary School, both candidates collected more votes, but Schwartz was unable to close his gap with Bowman.


Following the recount, Bowman had 6,778 votes — 29 more than the 6,749 that went to Schwartz, according to the city’s election office.

Danberg, who originally received 7,460 votes from the Nov. 5 election, picked up 44 votes from the recount, bringing her total to 7,504 votes, according to election results.

Schwartz said in a statement that he conceded the race to Bowman, who will take office in January.

Bowman, the president of Bike Newton, thanked Schwartz in a statement for a “well run race” and his offer of help during her transition to the City Council.

“I am happy that I can now focus on the work ahead, meeting with city leaders to prepare for the coming year,” Bowman said. “I’m very excited about the opportunity to serve the residents of Newton as a city councilor and I’m honored that they’ve put their faith in my leadership.”

Schwartz, who was first elected in 2011, is an attorney, and is a medical doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


In an e-mail sent to supporters early Sunday morning, Schwartz thanked volunteers for their help during the recount.

He said the “real victory” Saturday was for “the democratic process and the integrity of our elections,” according to the e-mail.

“Your commitment to me and help today makes the loss more bearable, and I am grateful for all the support,” Schwartz said. “I can say the same to all of you for all your help during the fall campaign. Thanks again for all you have done on my behalf. I am honored by the trust you placed in me these past eight years representing you.”

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