Lucille Stone Richards, 90, women’s pro baseball shortstop

Known then as Lou Stone, Mrs. Richards wore the league’s regulation skirt while playing for the Racine Belles and the South Bend Blue Sox.

Mrs. Richards lived in Holbrook, where she coached Little League for 25 years and drove a school bus for two decades.

// Angela Paton, 86, ‘Groundhog Day’ actress

In the film, Ms. Paton played Mrs. Lancaster, the kindly, elderly, small-town innkeeper who played host to Bill Murray.

// Cassandra Q. Butts, 50, Obama’s Harvard law classmate, adviser

Ms. Butts met the future president in 1988, when they were filling out financial-aid forms during their first days at Harvard Law School.

// Loris Francesco Capovilla, 100, pope’s aide at Second Vatican Council

Cardinal Capovilla's suggestion in 1962 at the end of the council’s opening day proved to be a masterstroke of public relations.

// John Kenneth Knaus, 92, CIA officer who aided in Tibetan struggle

During a 43-year CIA career, Mr. Knaus was based at times in India, Japan, and Canada.

Yang Jiang, at 104; wrote iconic memoir of Cultural Revolution

Mr. Yang’s stoically restrained memoir remains one of the most revered works about that period.

// Dr. Murray A. Straus, 89; UNH researcher studied violence

Dr. Straus led groundbreaking studies on corporal punishment and domestic violence.

Mell Lazarus, 89, cartoonist of ‘Miss Peach,’ ‘Momma’

Mr. Lazarus wrote and drew more than 33,000 strips.

// Marcus Gordon, 84, judge in ‘Mississippi Burning’ trial

Mr. Gordon sentenced Edgar Ray Killen to 60 years in prison in the 1964 kidnap-slaying of three civil rights workers in Neshoba County.

// Hugh Hawkins, 86, author, longtime Amherst professor

Professor Hawkins was a noted scholar who after retirement wrote a memoir about his childhood.