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John W. Lewis, 86, China expert and Vietnam War critic

Mr. Lewis was a political scientist whose unconventional peace overtures — engaging in Ping-Pong diplomacy with China and providing antibiotics to North Korea — helped lift the Bamboo Curtain.

Albert Speer Jr., 83, architect, son of Hitler confidant

Mr. Speer had his own accomplished architectural career but struggled to distance himself from his father’s legacy.

Bernie Casey, football player turned actor, dies at 78

‘‘It was just a gig,’’ he told The Washington Post in 1977 about football. ‘‘But it limits the way people perceive you. That can be frustrating.”

Lillian Ross, acclaimed reporter for the New Yorker, dies at 99

Ross became known as the consummate fly-on-the-wall reporter in a six-decade career at The New Yorker.

Visionary British theater director Peter Hall dies at 86

Peter Hall was a visionary theater director and impresario who founded the Royal Shakespeare Company and helped build Britain’s National Theatre into a producing powerhouse.

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Mr. LaMotta (right) fought and knocked out Marcel Cerdan in 1949 to become the world middleweight champion.

Jake LaMotta, ‘Raging Bull’ in and out of the ring, dies at 95

Mr. LaMotta brawled his way to the middleweight boxing championship and his life became the subject of an acclaimed film.

American historian Nancy Hatch Dupree showed a visitor through the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University in December 2014.

Nancy Hatch Dupree, 90; American sought to preserve Afghan heritage

Ms. Dupree amassed a vast collection of books, maps, photographs, and rare recordings of folk music now housed in a Kabul facility.

If not for Stanislav Petrov’s actions in September 1983, there might have been full-scale nuclear war.

Stanislav Petrov, 77, Soviet officer who helped avert nuclear war

On September 1983, the Soviet Air Defense Forces lieutenant colonel decided warnings that missiles had been launched from a US base were probably a false alarm.

Dr. Gray enrolled at MIT as an electrical engineering student in 1950 and retired in 1997 as chairman of the MIT Corporation, the institute’s governing body.

Paul Gray, 85, president who increased diversity at MIT

Dr. Gray’s efforts brought lasting change to MIT, but they were far from his only legacy.

James McNeely took pride in creating and renovating his own residences, including a home he built in Maine.

James McNeely, architect who reinvigorated Beacon Hill homes, dies 84

Mr. McNeely famously didn’t like using computers and instead sketched minutely detailed plans to incorporate modern renovations into the centuries-old homes.

Don Ohlmeyer spoke during a 1998 news conference.

Don Ohlmeyer, 72, ‘Monday Night Football’ producer

Mr. Ohlmeyer transformed ABC’s “Monday Night Football” into an iconic show and also crafted NBC’s hit prime-time schedule.

This June 9, 1973, photo shows Penny Chenery, owner of Secretariat, reacting after her horse won the Belmont Stakes, and the Triple Crown, at Belmont Park in Elmont, N.Y.

Penny Chenery, 95; owned Triple Crown winner Secretariat

Ms. Chenery took over her father’s thoroughbred farm with little knowledge of horse racing and became one of the few prominent women in the sport.

Mr. Hart wrote two songs released as singles from the band’s debut, “Candy Apple Grey.”

Grant Hart, 56, Hüsker Dü drummer and singer

Mr. Hart’s band was an early member of the hardcore movement.

Mr. Stanton’s quirky characterizations could lift even ordinary scripts.

Harry Dean Stanton, 91, prolific character actor

Mr. Stanton became a cult favorite through his memorable turns in “Paris, Texas,” ‘‘Repo Man” and many other films and TV shows.

Dr. Gary Wadler testified on Capitol Hill in 2005.

Gary Wadler, 78, expert on doping in sports

Dr. Wadler emerged in the 1980s as sports organizations struggled to keep pace with illicit drug use by athletes.

Dr. Bloembergen first arrived in Cambridge at the end of World War II.

Nicolaas Bloembergen, 97, former Harvard professor and Nobel Prize winner

Dr. Bloembergen conducted research that was honored with the top awards in science.

Frank Vincent attends HBO's World Premiere of two new episodes of 'The Sopranos' at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in March 2007.

Frank Vincent, 80, veteran actor, ‘Sopranos’ mobster

Besides Leotardo, Mr. Vincent also portrayed gangsters for director Martin Scorsese.

Pete Domenici represented New Mexico for six terms in the Senate.

Pete V. Domenici, Republican senator from New Mexico, dies at 85

Mr. Domenici, who represented his state in Congress from 1973 to 2009, was the longest-serving senator in New Mexico history.

FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2012 file photo, Edith Windsor speaks during an interview in her New York City apartment. Windsor, who brought a Supreme Court case that struck down parts of a federal law that banned same-sex marriage, died Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017, in New York, according to her attorney. She was 88.(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Edith Windsor, 88; brought case that ended gay marriage bans

Ms. Windsor brought the case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act that reached the US Supreme Court.

Dr. Federman was the Carl W. Walter distinguished professor of medicine and medical education and a transformative figure during his 63-year career at Harvard Medical School. Above: Federman in an undated file photo.

Dr. Daniel D. Federman, 89, longtime dean at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Federman was a transformative figure during his 63-year career at the medical school.

Michael Friedman brought a historian’s eye and a journalistic sensibility to his work on and off Broadway.

Michael Friedman, 41, co-creator of ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’

Mr. Friedman, a Boston native, brought a historian’s eye and a journalistic sensibility to path-breaking work off and on Broadway.

Ms. Millett’s book “Sexual Politics” remains a founding text for cultural and gender studies programs.

Kate Millett, 82, feminist author of ‘Sexual Politics’

Ms. Millett’s best-selling work was a landmark of cultural criticism and a manifesto for the modern feminist movement.

Mr. Michael (center) played for the Yankees for 10 seasons and then became a manager and adviser for the team.

Gene Michael, 79; helped to build powerhouse Yankees teams

Mr. Michael rose from sure-handed shortstop to general manager and architect of four World Series winners.

McGruff the Crime Dog met President Ronald Reagan at the White House in 1984.

Jack Keil, 94, creator of the crime-fighting dog McGruff

The advertising executive created and gave voice to the cartoon hound who exhorts Americans to “take a bite out of crime.”

Mr. Gentry of Montgomery Gentry died Friday in a helicopter crash.

Country star Troy Gentry, 50, dies in helicopter crash

Mr. Gentry was killed hours before he was to take the stage in New Jersey.

Mr. Williams, who toured sparingly, had a rich voice and gentle delivery.

Don Williams, 78, singer who had 17 No. 1 country hits

Mr. Williams’s mellow sound influenced a later generation of singers.

Bostonma. 11-3-98 Joe DeNucci and his wife Barbara moments after winning the position of State Auditor of Ma. in the1998 election. GLOBE STAFF PHOTO DOMINIC CHAVEZ

Joe DeNucci, 78, prizefighter and state’s longest-serving auditor

Mr. DeNucci won his first 16 professional fights, but his record was even more impressive on Election Day.

Dr. Cummings wrote “The Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725.”

Abbott Lowell Cummings, 94, preservationist and scholar of early New England architecture

Dr. Cummings formerly led the organization now known as Historic New England.

Simeon Wright, a cousin of lynching victim Emmett Till, spoke during a 2009 news conference in Chicago.

Simeon Wright, 74, witnessed Emmett Till kidnapping

Mr. Wright was with Till, his cousin, when the Chicago boy was kidnapped and killed in 1955.

Dr. Guralnick served as a mentor to faculty members and students at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Walter Guralnick, 100; helped launch dental insurance in Mass.

Dr. Guralnick continued to work a few days a week at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Ms. Vreeland in an undated photo.

Susan Vreeland, 71, novelist with a passion for art

Ms. Vreeland drew on her love of art to fashion well-regarded novels about paintings and those who paint or own them.

Mr. Becker played guitar and bass on recordings by the 1970s rock group.

Walter Becker, 67, Steely Dan cofounder

Mr. Becker played guitar and bass in the rock duo that was one of the most successful groups of the 1970s and early ’80s.

Dr. Sekler was an architect, author, and a consultant who helped to preserve structures in places as far away as Nepal.

Eduard Sekler, 96, first director of Harvard’s Carpenter Center

Dr. Sekler also was a longtime member of the Graduate School of Design faculty.

Mr. Ashbery’s style ranged from rhyming couplets to haiku to blank verse.

John Ashbery, 90, celebrated and challenging poet

Mr. Ashbery ‘s energy, daring, and boundless command of language raised American verse to brilliant and baffling heights.

Ms. Hay espoused an upbeat message with a metaphysical underpinning.

Louise Hay, 90, widely read self-help author

Ms. Hay built a self-help publishing empire that has attracted millions of devotees with its messages about the power of thought and attitude.

Ms. Charrat in Papeete, French Polynesia, with a trophy she had just received for her services to dance after an accident forced her into retirement.

Janine Charrat, 93, ballerina and choreographer

Best known later in life as a choreographer, Ms. Charrat began her career as a child star.

Michael Feldman, former top AP photo editor, dies at 70

Mr. Feldman’s career took him from shooting photos on the gritty streets of Philadelphia to the Olympics to the World Cup.

Syd Silverman, 85; kept Variety boffo for 30 years

Mr. Silverman’s show-business bible covered an industry in transition, from the cathode ray tube to YouTube.

Ms. Ford spent about 19 years teaching at the University of Maine in Orono.

Elaine Ford, 78, who wrote of forgotten lives in New England

Ms. Ford wrote novels and short stories mostly set in blue collar neighborhoods and communities in North Cambridge, Somerville, and Maine.

Mr. Anderson at an event in Los Angeles in 2009.

Richard Anderson, 91, played the boss in ’70s hit ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’

Mr. Anderson was best known for costarring simultaneously in “Six Million” and “The Bionic Woman.”

Jeannie de Clarens, 98, World War II spy

Mr. de Clarens survived stays in three concentration camps for her activities.

Mr. Pomerance in New York in 1979.

Bernard Pomerance, 76, playwright was author of Tonywinning ‘Elephant Man’

Mr. Pomerance’s play lured some of Hollywood’s biggest names, such as Bradley Cooper and John Hurt.

Mr. Berman at the “Meet the Fockers” premiere in 2004.

Shelley Berman, 92, comedian pioneered humor based on everyday life’s annoyances

Mr. Berman appeared on top TV shows in the 1950s and 1960s delivering wry monologues about the annoyances of everyday life.

Michael Cromartie, 67; was scholar of politics and religion

For three decades, he was a go-to source for journalists trying to make sense of the rise of the ‘‘moral majority’’ and the roots of evangelicals’ support for — and opposition to — presidents from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.

Hong Kong businessman David Tang gestured during a March 2007 interview at his Hong Kong home.

David Tang, 63, Hong Kong businessman and socialite

Mr. Tang founded the Shanghai Tang fashion brand.

Sumiteru Taniguchi, a survivor of the 1945 atomic bombing of Nagasaki, spoke about his experience in 2015.

Sumiteru Taniguchi, 88, survived Nagasaki bombing

Mr. Taniguchi devoted his life to seeking to abolish nuclear weapons after he was burned severely in the 1945 atomic bomb attack.