Samuel Blumenfeld, at 89; conservative writer and phonics advocate

Mr. Blumenfeld was as kind and gentle in person as he was fierce on a written page.

Gustavo Vara Billota

Mr. Blumenfeld, of Waltham, wrote books promoting his “Alpha-Phonics” method of teaching children to read.

Ms. Borders was working on the 81st floor on Sept. 11, 2001.

Marcy Borders, at 42; survivor in iconic image of Sept. 11

Ms. Borders was shown covered in dust in an iconic photo taken after the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City.

Ms. Mcdonald, shown in 1980, was encouraged by Anne Sexton, a poet with a similar power to shock.

Cynthia Macdonald, at 87; poet mixed humor, dark imagery

Ms. Macdonald’s idiosyncratic blend of humor and the grotesque made her a distinctive voice on the US poetry scene.

A photo of an unconscious Ms. Boynton Robinson drew attention to the movement.

Amelia Boynton Robinson, at 104; beaten at Selma march

Ms. Boynton Robinson was among those beaten during the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., in March, 1965.

Jerome G. Miller, shown with truant boys in 1972, shook up the system for juvenile offenders in this state and others.

Jerome Miller, 83; altered treatment of juvenile offenders

Dr. Miller, then state commissioner of youth services, placed troubled youths in a range of settings in what became known as the “Massachusetts experiment.”

// Anna Kashfi, 80; actress was Marlon Brando’s first wife

Ms. Kashfi appeared in several Hollywood films, but became better known for playing a continuing role in a real-life soap opera.

// Merl Reagle, 65; created quirky crossword puzzles

Mr. Reagle’s clues set off spirited cerebrations from his fans rather than frustrated surrenders to dictionary arcana.

// Jeanne Otto, 86; founded Association of Camp Nurses

Ms. Otto, of Cambridge and Salem, also served as an assistant professor at Northeastern University.

// Doudou N’diaye Rose, 85; opened world’s ears to Senegalese rhythms

Mr. Rose was skilled on a variety of native African drums, but he was especially known as a virtuoso of the sabar.

// John Correnti, 68; steel executive led several firms

Mr. Correnti built steel mills from scratch, embracing technologies that sharply reduced construction times.

John H. Holland, 86; advanced study of complex adaptive systems

Dr. Holland’s seminal work was on genetic algorithms, or computer codes that mimic sexually reproducing organisms.

// Roberta Dowling, 75; founded Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Ms. Dowling trained more than 2,500 people over the years.