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Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Gerald Nagler, leading human rights activist since Cold War, dies at 92

His influence on international human rights efforts and priorities spanned more than four decades, from documenting the struggles of opposition groups during the Iron Curtain era to fighting antisemitism amid a rise in nativist and extreme-right political forces in recent years.

Clu Gulager, rugged character actor of film and TV, dies at 93

His credits run from such critically acclaimed films as “The Last Picture Show” to low-budget horror movies.

Dr. Robert Osteen, surgeon and poet who inspired students, dies at 81

A poet and a sailor who navigated the page and the waves as deftly as he did the operating room, Dr. Osteen, who lived on Beacon Hill, died July 14 in Brigham and Women’s, the hospital that was his professional home for about 50 years.

Janice Longone, chronicler of US culinary history, dies

Ms. Longone was credited with collecting thousands of items chronicling the culinary history of the United States.

Sidney Topol, broadcasting visionary and beacon for peace, dies at 97

Mr. Topol hoped to create "a nonviolent planet based on love, peace and security for all people."

Dee Hock, credit card visionary, is dead at 93

A banker with a junior college degree, Dee Hock shaped the Visa credit card into a global financial behemoth.

Ronald J. Sider, who urged evangelicals to social action, dies at 82

An evangelical Christian author and speaker in an era when evangelicals increasingly aligned themselves with the political right, Ronald Sider argued that Christ called the faithful to attend to social justice issues like racism and poverty.

Judith Durham, Australia’s folk music icon, dies at 79

Judith Durham achieved global fame as the lead singer of The Seekers, which became the first Australian band to achieve major chart and sales success in the United Kingdom and the United States, eventually selling 50 million records.