NEW YORK — Toshi Seeger, folk singer Pete Seeger’s wife of 70 years and a close partner in his social and environmental activism, has died. She was 91.

Family friend Thom Wolke confirmed that she died Tuesday at the couple’s home in Beacon in New York’s Hudson Valley. The cause of death was not immediately known.

Never famous like her 94-year-old husband, Toshi Seeger was an equal who perfectly complemented Pete Seeger’s idealism, friends say.

‘‘They were the ultimate yin and yang.” Wolke said. “Where Pete was ... the artist, Toshi kept him grounded.’’

Toshi Aline Ohta Seeger was born in Germany to an American mother and a Japanese father and was brought to the United States as a baby. She met her future husband as a teenager in New York City.


They were married on July 20, 1943. The couple built their cabin in Beacon after World War II and never left. They raised three children.