Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Kathleen Bruyere, Navy captain who helped win right for women to serve at sea, dies at 76

Joining a military branch steeped in a tradition of "iron men in wooden ships," Kathleen Bruyere went on to become a trailblazer for women in the Navy, rising to the rank of captain, shaping policies on sexual discrimination and working to expand opportunities for women to serve "not for self but for country," in the words of the Navy's unofficial motto.

Henrietta Boggs, southerner who spread her wings, dies at 102

At every turn Ms. Boggs challenged the segregated and patriarchal society in which she was raised. As a youth, she cut church on Sundays and sneaked off to the drugstore for Cokes and cigarettes. As a young woman traveling in Latin America, she wrote to her hometown newspaper, The Birmingham News, with detailed descriptions of the poverty and deprivation she witnessed.

Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell, civil rights ‘foot soldier’ from Selma to Black Lives Matter, dies at 86

Rev. Caldwell introduced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. at a Boston Common rally in the 1960s and spoke at a Black Lives Matter rally in June.

Stanley Crouch, combative writer, intellectual and authority on jazz, dies at 74

Mr. Crouch was a bare-knuckled literary provocateur, erudite and fearless while reveling in his often truculent takedowns.

William Gates Sr., a guiding hand of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, dies at 94

Mr. Gates had helped found a leading Seattle law firm and was a civic leader before working with his son to start and build his foundation.

Jack ‘Murph the Surf’ Murphy, heist mastermind, dies at 83

He transfixed the nation in 1964 by pulling off the biggest jewel heist in New York City history — including the celebrated snatching of the Star of India.

Nancy Dine, filmmaker and muse of artist Jim Dine, dies at 83

Her short documentary, “Jim Dine: A Self Portrait on the Walls,” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Florence Howe, ‘mother of women’s studies,’ Dies at 91

Florence Howe, a key architect of the women’s studies movement and the founder of the Feminist Press, a literary nonprofit dedicated to promoting social justice and amplifying overlooked voices, died Saturday in Manhattan. She was 91.