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Ex-NFL kicker, Saints hero Tom Dempsey dies at 73

Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey, who played in the NFL despite being born without toes on his kicking foot and made a record 63-yard field goal, died late Saturday while struggling with complications from the new coronavirus, his daughter said. He was 73.

Patricia Bosworth, actress-turned-author, 86

Patricia Bosworth, who gave up acting for the writing life, turning her knowledge of the theater into a series of biographies and mining her own extraordinary life for a pair of powerful memoirs, died on Thursday in Manhattan. She was 86.

Harriet Glickman, who pushed ‘Peanuts’ to add a Black character

Ms. Glickman in 1968 persuaded Charles M. Schulz, the creator of “Peanuts,” to add a Black character to his roster of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang.

William Frankland, pioneering allergist

Dr. Frankland was an indomitable researcher who helped legions of hay fever sneezers by distributing daily pollen counts to the British public.

Kate Mattes, whose Kate’s Mystery Books was a haven for fans and authors alike, dies at 72

For more than 25 years, Kate Mattes ran Kate’s Mystery Books, turning her Cambridge shop into a hub for mystery writers and fans alike.

John Murray, pioneering lung expert

Dr. John Murray, an internationally recognized expert in pulmonology, helped the medical world understand a deadly condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Gerald Freedman, prolific director, 92

Gerald Freedman, who directed countless plays, operas and musicals, including the original “Hair” in 1967 and more than a dozen Broadway productions, and who influenced generations of actors in 21 years as dean of the drama school at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, died March 17 at his home in Winston-Salem, N.C. He was 92.

Arianne Caoili, chess master, is dead at 33

Arianne Caoili, a chess master and a prominent figure both in the chess world and in Armenia, where she lived, died Monday in Yerevan, the country’s capital. She was 33.