Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Victor Sheymov, KGB officer who defected from Soviet Union, dies at 73

By the time he was 32, Mr. Sheymov had reached the rank of major and was in charge of monitoring the KGB’s flow of information from around the world.

D.C. Fontana, first female ‘Star Trek’ writer, dies at 80

D.C. Fontana, who helped craft the lore of “Star Trek” and developed one of its signature characters, Spock, as the first female writer for the 1960s television series, died Tuesday at a hospital in Burbank, California.

Joe Smith, career-making record executive, dies at 91

Mr. Smith presided over three major record companies in a career that stretched from the early days of rock ’n’ roll to the CD boom of the 1990s.

Wayne Merry, climber who conquered El Capitan, dies at 88

Merry’s pathbreaking ascent inspired many climbers who have completed El Capitan in his wake.

Howard Cruse, ‘godfather of queer comics,’ dies at 75

Howard Cruse, 75, of Williamstown, was a pioneering artist in LGBTQ comics and was known as “the godfather of queer comics.”

Irving Burgie, songwriter of calypso hit ‘Day-O,’ dies at 95

Mr. Burgie, who helped popularize Caribbean music, also wrote the lyrics to the national anthem of Barbados — his mother’s homeland.

Adam Peiperl, creator of kinetic light sculptures, dies at 84

Adam Peiperl, an artist, scientist, and language translator whose kinetic light sculptures are displayed in museums, galleries, and private homes around the world, died Nov. 29 at a hospital in Washington.


Edward J. Doherty, former managing editor who ‘understood Globe readers,’ dies at 91

Edward Doherty, who died Nov. 28, was a former Boston Globe managing editor who “had a touch of genius when it came to designing the layout of the Globe’s front page.”